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5 Must Haves For Summertime Travel and Smart Packing

Even though some of us don’t get summers off (one thing I miss about being a kid), we shouldn’t let that stop us from having some summertime travels (and mishaps)! So what if we’ve outgrown our Trapper Keepers and phonics books!  We can– nay, should— feel just as liberated tossing off our laptop bags and ID badges!! Yes, we owe it to ourselves to relive that excitement of our youth over three whole months of no school– unless you went to summer school, then we’re sorry. But even more of a reason to make up for lost time! It’s time to help yourself, pick up on a few great travel deals, and then pack up smart to make room for souvenirs and other reminders of your trip!

1. Fill + Fly Bottle Set

flight 001 Fill + Flyflight 001 Fill + Fly

So you’ve book that flight to Paradise and now it’s time for the best part: packing! Some people dread it; we see it as delayed gratification, a teaser to a well-deserved summer trip and a weird mini-challenge to see how much you can cram into a carry-on bag (no check-in fees for you!). Most are aware by now of the 3-1-1 TSA restrictions on carrying liquids on-flight: no larger than 3.4 oz bottles of liquid in a one quart bag with one per passenger. Hey, you’re not sweating it because you thought ahead with a Fill + Fly Bottle Set. This bottle set has everything you need for a short summer excursion: two 0.5 oz bottles and two 1 oz bottles in a quart-sized reusable bag. Each shatterproof, leak-proof bottle also pumps it up– that is, they’re pump bottles, so they’re perfect for bathroom essentials like gels in addition to shampoos and conditioners. One thing down, lots more packing to do!

2. In-Flight Seat Pak

In Flight Pak

Isn’t it just the worst when you’re in flight and having to search overhead for 1) your bag and then 2) whatever it was that you were searching for in the first place? Especially when you can’t remember where you put that dang iPod or now-invisible lip balm. Toss all your small on-board essentials into an In-Flight Seat Pak and consider them… tossed. Or something. Everything you’d need in flight can be completely within reach because this reusable pouch has a hook that lets you keep it on the tray hook on the seat in front of you. So if you decide to steal a little zzzzs, you don’t have to wake up with numb butt from sleeping on your wallet and phone.

3. Spacepak Shoes Bag

Spacepak Shoe

NO woman can pack only ONE pair of shoes for ANY trip, trust here. And if she can, it’s because she has no idea what she’s doing is a sin! Even a guy can appreciate the clever construction of a Spacepak Shoes bag. The Spacepak line from Flight 001 are all designed with one focus in mind: packing smart. Every nylon bag has rivets on the sides to let compressed air out, allowing for more space in your luggage. The Spacepak Shoes bag is great for any type of summer vacation, flight or road trip. And the absence of muddy clothes is a huge plus!

4. Travelon RFID Passport Case

RFID Passport Case

Great! Most of your items are ready to go, but just to go that extra mile to ensure that everything is the way you left it, grab a RFID Blocking Passport Case for your most precious cargo: your identity. The leather passport case protects things like credit cards that have small radio frequencies that are transmitted all the time. Someone adept enough to be able to pick up that frequency when you pass by captures all your info, so this case blocks that from happening but still allows airport security to scan your passport through it. Pretty clever, eh?

5. Travelon Comfort Grip Handle

Travel Suitcase Comfort Grip Handle

Yay! You’re finally all done packing for the summer vacation!…. Except you had to pack up two bags instead of one. No worries: a Comfort Grip Handle from Travelon easily transforms various heavy straps and handles into one ergonomic everything handle. The patented design has a strap that handles all your handles, so feel free to lay a purse or other small traveling bag on top of your luggage and use just the one handle for them all.

So, no, children don’t get to have all the fun in the sun during summertime. While they’re busy splashing around in the wading pool, we’re drifting along carelessly on the lazy river with a beer on our bellies. We’re taking in dangerous UV rays because, dang it, it’s our vacation, and we’ll do it and like it. So pack light, pack smart, and pack a sense of curiosity for adventure that even this guy can appreciate:


And have safe summertime travels and smart packing!

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  1. Sharon
    July 23, 2013

    i am impressed by this gentleman


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