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Aloha to a Nani Tiki Party! Fun Ideas and Decorations

Nothing– NOTHING– says summer like a Tiki-themed party, and there’s no better time to have an island-inspired shindig than right smack in the middle of summer. Those unmistakeable wooden statues, fire and flowers all around, eye-rolling jokes about “getting lei’d”: the Tiki party is a great excuse to have girly-sweet cocktails and wear a coconut bra and not be made fun of. Plus, the exoticness of Tiki culture and the nostalgia of the 50’s Hawaiian craze allow you to bask in fun luau novelties like the grass skirt and neo-Tiki traditions like a game of limbo. Here’s a list of a few Tiki essentials that will get all belly-baring guests saying mahalo for the ho`okipa and luau!

1. DIY Grass Skirts

Hula Dancers

First thing’s first: you have to toss off those city clothes and adorn the first signal of a luau, the grass skirt. Try making one yourself and then ask your hula dancers to make their own! Then try to master the art of the hula dance, granted that your grass skirt covers enough, ahem.

2. Tiki Mugs

Archie McPhee Tiki Mugs

Tiki mugs from our friends at Archie McPhee

Tiki Farm Mugs
Now that your body is clothed (or partially), your hand shouldn’t remain empty, so pass a Tiki mug to every member of your clan. Tiki Farm has a very extensive collection of Tiki mugs that are hand-painted, high-quality, and super cool. Serve up some traditional mai tais or other great Hawaiian cocktails and add a Drink Preserver for a stranded-on-a-tropical-island feel!

Drink Preserver

Don’t let drinks go out with the tide!

3. DIY Decorations

Now that you’ve got some `alekohola in your kino, it’s time to bring in some fire! DIY Tiki torches are not only fun, but they’re also eco-friendly. Upcycled wine bottles become filled with citronella fuel and a wick to reinterpret the Tiki torch while also keeping the makika away!

DIY Tiki Torches Tiki Party Decorations

DIY Tiki Torches

And check out these other fun and easy DIY projects to create a fabulous tiki party to remember!

DIY Cocktail Umbrella Tiki Wreath

DIY Cocktail Umbrella Tiki Wreath

Tiki Luau hawaiian totem pole party prinatbles party ideas partyware party shop buy pary supplies10

DIY Tiki Candy and Marshmallows Totem Poles

DIY Grass Skirt Koozie Bottle Can Coolers Tiki Party

DIY Grass Skirt Koozies

DIY Tiki Masks

DIY Tiki Masks

4. Fantastick Hand Fans

Fantastick Light-up Hand Fans

Because you can’t have fire twirlers at your luau (or can you?), Fantastick Hand Fans give a new twist to fire performance with just a couple of AA batteries. Turn on the personal fan and a vivid dual-ended light show appears. The Tiki gods will be pleased!

5. Limbo

Limbo Party

How could we forget? Limbo is a test of balance and flexibility, a display of inebriation disguised as a “dance craze”. Either way, we love it! Bring back that 50’s and 60’s Hawaiian vibe with old tunes like Chubby Checker while everyone takes turns showing how bad they are at this!

Vintage Hula DancersA sip of a piña colada, a swaying of a grass skirt in a gentle  breeze, and a little exchange of Hawaiian conversation, and we’ve reached that easygoing outlook and a nice mood to enjoy the company of. Whether you’re dropping your hips to the floor in limbo or swinging them to and fro, the Tiki party or luau is a summer-must!

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2 comments on “Aloha to a Nani Tiki Party! Fun Ideas and Decorations

  1. Sharon
    July 19, 2013

    GREAT ideas! I wanna have one now! 🙂


  2. Patricia
    July 23, 2013

    I love everything about Luau , thank you for the great suggestions . I may do a Luau party for my daughters birthday.


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