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Beat the Heat! 6 Fun and Playful Summer Essentials

Bad ChoiceIt’s probably safe to say milk is not on our list of summer essentials to beat the heat, but you can sure bet there’s lot of water and cool times! The best thing about summer activities is they all involve cooling off: jumping into a pool, diving into the ocean, playing underneath a sprinkler, even eating a deliciously sugary snow cone! Let’s throw off our work clothes– heck, let’s just throw off our clothes– and have fun in the water while laughing at the sun with six very summer-exclusive ways to cool off!

1. Whale Sprinkler

Whale Sprinkler

A whale of a good time! Ha, ha ha… ha. Oh. Well, anyways, a Whale Sprinkler does an excellent job of spouting off to anyone nearby! Get it?… Whatever. Just connect the sprinkler for kids to a garden hose and let it do a “whale of a job” creating summer fun!… Come on, you know you want to laugh!

2. DIY PVC Sprinkler Wash

PVC Sprinkler

PVC SprinklerSummer fun wouldn’t be complete without a little DIY! Try your sweaty hands at a PVC Sprinkler Wash, perfect for little ones and even drunk older ones as well! A few simple supplies live PVC pipe, a pack of misters, and some PVC joints as well a few tools like a drill provide a very easy, relatively inexpensive method to cool off. Plus, the ample space underneath would work equally well with…

3. DIY Slip ‘N’ Slide

Slip N Slide

Yea! Remember these? I recall my mother having to purchase one every year because we kids were just too rough with our stuff. With a DIY Slip ‘N’ Slide, worrying about having to purchase a new kit of the summer toy is not an issue. A few of those foam noodle things along with some strategically placed Velcro strips and heavy duty plastic, and you’re ready to create a wet belly full of laughs! Keep those feet up!

4. Luckies Shot Gun Drink Dispenser

Shot Gun

Let the kiddies have their Super Soakers– they wear those biceps out too quickly anyways! Use a Luckies Shot Gun Drink Dispenser to keep cool but in a, ahem, more adult manner. Use the shot dispenser to provide the perfect shot every time without regard to aim! Then get liquored up in a way, well, you didn’t think was even possible!

5. Donut Pool Float

Donut Pool Float

No stomach aches here! The Donut Pool Float lets you have your munchies and get in the pool, too! The fun inner tube even has a big bite mark to dispel the myth that eating before jumping into a pool will make you sick. Challenge accepted!

6. DIY Floating Cooler

DIY Cooler

Speaking of floating around, we realize it can be such a nuisance to get out of your mini backyard paradise for a sip of something refreshing, which is why we’re totally recommending you try a DIY Pool Cooler. The floating cooler could NOT be simpler, seriously: cut a foam noodle in four parts around a storage bin and use a rope to hold them around it. Bonus: the excess rope also works as a pull for the pool cooler, so you’ll never have to look down and say this:

Pool Hot Dog

Ah, summer: what don’t we love… Well, besides sunburns and hot car seats. Save your money from the water park and head to your nearest hardware store or internet connection and grab a few oddball water accessories to create a very unique approach to fun-in-the-sun activities!

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One comment on “Beat the Heat! 6 Fun and Playful Summer Essentials

  1. sharoanypony79
    July 19, 2013

    My neighbor wants to get an kiddie pool from somewhere to at least dip our feet in. I may have a Homer like photo to post int he near future 🙂


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