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Moove Over, Regular Holidays: July 12th Is Cow Appreciation Day!


What in the heck is Cow Appreciation Day? It’s July 12th for one, and it’s also Friday, but the unusual holiday is also one where we recognize the significance of cows in our daily lives. It’s also a day full of freebies, like the free combo meal from Chick-fil-A if you dress head to hoof like a cow or the cow-themed gifts given away at the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Oregon. The holiday even has its own Twitter handle, @CowAppreciation (really, how interesting can that be). Since there’s so many products that come from cows, we’re just going to focus on the one, the only, milk!

1. Retro Milk Can Set

Retro Milk Can Set

Relive the days of real milk appreciation with a Retro Milk Can Set— you know, the days when someone would actually deliver milk to your doorstep. The milk can is actually made from ceramic and has a stackable design, so assembled it’s as tall as a real milk can, but taken apart you have a nifty milk container and drinking cup!

2. Magic Milk Straws

Magic Milk Straws

If you prefer to avoid the famous milk mustache, Magic Milk Straws might be a good option. Unlike regular drinking straws, these milk straws contain small beads that give the milk flavor like chocolate, strawberry, or something from the new Dippin’ Dots line. Each drinking straw needs no cutting (just submerge and drink) or refrigeration, and they’re only 17 calories each!

Cow Says Yum

Magic milk…..ulggggggh

3. Xtra Cream Creamer

Xtra Cream

Do you prefer your coffee, well, basically watered down to a light beige color? An Xtra Cream Creamer pokes fun at your milk-loving habit. The ceramic coffee creamer comes with a silicone lid shaped like a creamer lid, and it holds a WHOLE cup of creamer!

4. Milk Carton Hood

Milk Carton Hood

Let’s take another quick stroll down memory lane– not quite as far this time– to the days of school milk. The Milk Carton Hood pays homage (and humor) to those sad pixelated photos on the side of milk cartons, just staring back at you as you enjoyed your hot dog and little container of ice cream. But this time, that sad face is you!

What else can milk do good, other than your body? (Yes, we are aware of the awkwardness of that sentence, just go with it.) DIY Life makes a list of weird and interesting uses for milk, BESIDES drinking, such as:

  • Using milk froth as shaving cream
  • Removing makeup with a powdered milk and water mixture
  • Removing stains from fingers with milk on a lemon wedge
  • Cooling a sunburn

Do cows drink milk? Do they eat cheese? What do cows do on Cow Appreciation Day? While we may never know the answers, we do know the world, our world, would be totally different if not for the resources we get from these large, unusual-looking creatures. So resist cow-tipping for one day and hug one instead on Cow Appreciation Day!

Cow Photobomb

Don’t forget about us cows on Friday, July 12th!

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9 comments on “Moove Over, Regular Holidays: July 12th Is Cow Appreciation Day!

  1. kevin
    July 12, 2013

    So, no beef today


  2. latelyleslie
    July 12, 2013

    lol at Kevin, Yes I agree, no beef today.
    I love that first picture of the cow it’s so cute!
    And that milk carton hoodie! It reminds me of the milk carton from Blur’s “Coffee and TV” music video 🙂


  3. Patricia
    July 12, 2013

    What great DIY ideas for the use of milk. I never knew about any of them. Going to have to try them out.Thanks!!!


  4. Super Sasha
    July 12, 2013

    It was just brought to my attention that cows indeed do drink milk (infants from their mothers), so I guess that answers that question. On the upside, Groupon has a deal on Magic Milk Straws for the next several days (what are the chances!):


  5. Sharon
    July 12, 2013

    mmmm organic…thank you cows.


    • Patricia
      July 16, 2013

      I love the taste of Organic milk. The processed milk does not have a good taste.


      • Super Sasha
        July 18, 2013

        Can’t say that I’ve ever had organic milk. Is that like soy milk?


        • sharoanypony79
          July 19, 2013

          No, it’s still Cow’s Milk but they just have higher standards of cow treatment 🙂
          The Moos get sick from being milked all the time so farmers inject them with antibiotics. With organic milk cows, they’re limited to how often they can milk. So with no infections, they don’t get treated with antibiotics. Also they’re allowed to free graze rather than be in milking bins all day. I watched a documentary about before I switched and it’s pretty expensive to maintain and organic farm since they treat the little moos so well. Also the cows are not injected with steroids where as regular milk has steroids and antibiotics. Whether that effects us when we drink it is still unknown.


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