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An Explosion-less Fourth of July: Celebrating Without Fireworks

No Fireworks

Is it actually possible to have a satisfactory Independence Day without fireworks? Without being awed by bright lights in the sky? Without meeting the need to see something blow up?? YES, it is, and in many cities across the country, it’s becoming more of the norm to throw a Fourth of July celebration without fireworks. No worries, though: there’s plenty of ways to have fun without stuff exploding in the sky. Here’s a list of a few all-ages ideas we think might bring those oohs-and-ahhs back to the Fourth of July celebration:

  • Piñata: If you can’t blow something up, destroy it, then! Since it can’t explode on its own, a Fourth of July-themed piñata is a great way to get out some of that frustration over the city ban on fireworks while also seeing an “explosion” of sorts! Fill it with all-American small candies like salt water taffy or party toys for the kids, or money and small bottles of liquor for the big kids!How-To-Make-a-Pinata
  • Glow Graffiti: glow-in-the-dark paint that’s not really spray paint all? Yup! Glow Graffiti is a fine paint-like mist that’s visible only at night. Let kids and adults alike create unique pictures with the spray can with an LED light on top or use the included stencils for a new Independence Day tradition!Glow-Graffiti
  • Flutter FETTI: Not quite confetti but very similar, Flutter FETTI is aerodynamic confetti designed to sift through the air upon release and create a festive mood upon landing. This party confetti comes with a tube that release Flutter FETTI into the air, or you can choose loose Flutter FETTI or even a launcher to really give it a fireworks effect! Check out the basic Flutter FETTI tube in action here!Flutter_FETTI_ 6FFT
  • Champagne Party Poppers & Bang Snaps: a party favorite! An Independence Day celebration with these party favors is one everyone can enjoy. You even get that loud “POP!” that makes it much more exciting.poppers_MED pop pop
  • Mason Jar Fireflies: We featured this fun project in our post on Mason Jar Madness, and this easy DIY project would be great to make on a warm summer night with a glowing mason jar in one hand and a beer in the other. What? We had to fit alcohol in here somewhere!diy mason jar fireflies

Just because something isnt’ blowing up doesn’t mean it’s not American! Let’s all celebrate our ingenuity in getting around laws that Independence Day actually celebrates and “pop” a Champagne Popper, throw confetti-like streamers in the air, or smash a paper-mache star or flag to bits! Happy Fourth of July to all, and may your night be filled with… well, not fireworks, but lots of good times, indeed!

Sources: No Fireworks? No Problem!, Having Fun Without Fireworks

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3 comments on “An Explosion-less Fourth of July: Celebrating Without Fireworks

  1. Sharon
    July 2, 2013

    I remember the one time my dad got fireworks…he left off this snake type thing in our driveway and it sparkled all the way into the bushes and started a fire. I can do without that.


    • Patricia
      July 8, 2013

      LOL….wouldn’t be Fourth of July with a fire somewhere..


  2. Patricia
    July 8, 2013

    I really like all of the cool ideas that are listed. My daughter would really like the Mason Jar Fireflies. We may have to try it this summer.


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