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As Seen On TV: From Hollywood To Your Home

If you’ve ever watched a movie or television show and said, “(Gasp!) I want one of those!” you would be in the right place: today’s post is all about “as seen in” things, things you’ve only seen but never know how to get your hands on! Not those big, expensive items like Bond’s Aston Martin; we’re talking about those little office toys that help make a work scene more interesting or those scene stealers that really intensify a good laugh. Whether they’re in the background or in the forefront, “as seen in” things aren’t out of your reach, so let’s explore how to get some of those little goodies for ourselves!

1. His Hers Key Holder from Mr. and Mrs. Smith


His Hers Key Holder

Remember seeing this wall-mounted key holder from this summer hit of 2005? The J-Me Key Holder made a small appearance but a huge impact on design: they won the 2004 British Gift of the Year Award the year before the film was released! Buy the male or female key storage individually or give them away as a set!

2. Cat Bum Sharpener from “Workaholics”
Sharp End Cat Butt Pencil SharpenerMe-ow, indeed! The Cat Bum Sharpener also made a scene in Workaholics, and why wouldn’t it: the novelty pencil sharpener makes incessant noise when you place a pencil, um, in the, uh, butt. There’s just no other way to say it. Check it out below:

And then make sure to wear your “better have my honey” Bear Coat!

Bear Coat

3. Wind Up Gear Box Katita from “Workaholics”


Another office toy from “Workaholics”, the Wind Up Gear Box named Katita looks weird enough to be on the Comedy Central show. Wind up the gear box toy and it rattles all around like Blake, Adam, and Ders… uhh, on a regular day:

Grab one and then watch it break it down to their Wizard Rap song!

4. Turkey Mask from “Friends”

Turkey Head

Clumsy Cook Turkey Mask

So Joey gets his head stuck in a turkey one fateful Thanksgiving, and Monica uses it as a method to cheer Joey up. It’s probably much safer to use a Clumsy Cook Turkey Mask than a real turkey. Just place the latex mask on and do a little jig– and don’t forget your fez!

5. XL Wine Glass

XL Wine Glass
Speaking of Courtney Cox, “Cougar Town” also features another item that her character dons: a huge wine glass she calls Big Joe. Though Big Joe has since been replaced with another drinking glass called Big Carl, the XL Wine Glass will always be our favorite. Mostly because it can hold an ENTIRE bottle of wine.

XL Wine GlassSee? Just because movie stars hold them and you see them on your favorite TV shows doesn’t mean you can’t, either! So grab your keys, a pencil, a metal toy, a turkey for your head, or a wine bottle and say, “I know EXACTLY where I can get that!”

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One comment on “As Seen On TV: From Hollywood To Your Home

  1. Sharon
    June 25, 2013

    I’ve seen the wall flowers in a lot of stuff too. Mostly teen dramas. Not that I watch…teen…dramas.


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