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World War Z Releases to Critical Acclaim on June 21st

world war z movie posterAccording to Variety, World War Z is “a surprisingly smart, gripping and imaginative addition to the zombie-movie canon.” The film releases to major motion picture theaters on June 21st, 2013. Despite some critics chastising the film from straying too far from the novel it’s based on, Variety assures movie-goers they won’t be disappointed by the film’s “sleekly crafted, often nail-biting tale of global zombiepocalypse.”

World War Z was originally intended to release in December of 2012, but massive script rewrites and reshoots prevented World War Z from making it to the big screen on time. It’s estimated that some $200 million dollars was spent on this zombie-fest, with massive explosions, intense CGI, and disturbing zombie sequences. This definitely sounds like a film zombie fans can get behind.

Zombie fans tend to be pretty dedicated to the genre, especially these days. Recent films, television shows, and even sporting events have catapulted the dedicated zombie fan into the mainstream. Zombie means big business, but you can’t just recycle the same thing again and again. That’s why the folks at Paramount decided to make Max Brooks’ best-selling 2006 novel, World War Z, into a movie. They knew they could roll the success of the film into an incredible summer blockbuster.

Around here at 2shopper, you know we love our zombies and our zombie fans. What zombie fan can resist the appeal of our Zombie Mania! Remote Control Walking Zombie?
Remote Control Walking Zombie

If you’re planning a World War Z viewing party, you’ll definitely want to bring this little guy along for the ride. Prop him up next to some popcorn and get him moving each time a friend comes in for a handful. This should get some pretty hilarious reactions. It doesn’t hurt that the remote control is shaped like a human brain, something that should prompt a number of fairly convincing, “Braaaaaiiiiiinnnnssss!”

World War Z is not a faithful adaptation of Max Brooks’ best-selling novel, but it is a great movie in its own right, if you listen to what the critics are saying. As far as we’re concerned, if the film has brain eating zombies, plenty of explosions, and Brad Pitt’s superb acting, we’ll be more than

How do you feel about the new World War Z movie? Are you looking forward to watching it? Leave a comment and let us know.

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One comment on “World War Z Releases to Critical Acclaim on June 21st

  1. sharoanypony79
    June 25, 2013

    funny how Americans are obsessed with end of the world scenarios.


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