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7 Green Gadgets For The Office

Of all places that are the most wasteful, we would bet our staff’s lunch for a week that the office easily takes first place. Actually, we wouldn’t, but we do think the opportunity for going green in the office is right in all our faces but we just don’t see it. It’s easy to go green with a hybrid car, reusable bags, and bamboo anything, but at work it’s so easy to make 60 copies and realize that one typo means having to reprint the whole stack, or to toss away pens that are pushing death. Rather than adding to a growing landfill, some designers have chosen to redesign things like pens, cups, and even paper! Here’s a short list of some very unconventional items for the office to get you started on how to be green!

1. DCI I Am Not a Paper Cup


Not a Paper Cup

Let’s star with your morning brew, shall we? Instead of a disposable paper cup, this reusable I Am Not a Paper Cup Cup lets you get that caffeine jolt but without the waste. The Eco Cup (on top) is another version of the IANAPC with the same ceramic cup and silicone lid. Plus, the increasing popularity of the reusable cup means they come in snazzy designs like the Graphic and the Pop Art editions here. And hey, while you’re at it, try brewing up your own iced green tea in the office and save a few more bucks!

2.  Bamboo Dry Erase Board

It just doesn’t seem possible, does it? A Bamboo Dry Erase Board that’s the perfect size for a desk or office. A bamboo board just large enough to jot notes and wipe clean without the crumbled paper ball at the end. A damper on your trash can hoop, yes, but a huge plus for Mother Earth. (Don’t you just love the subliminal message of the dry erase board?)

3. Ogami Stone Notebook and Paper

Stone NotebookIt sure sounds like an ancient artifact, but Ogami Stone Notebooks are the real deal! Stone “paper”, or Repap, is created using a byproduct of quarrying limestone and yields the smoothest paper you might ever touch . No wood or water is used in the process, and the stone notebooks are qualitatively better than your familiar paper notebooks. These stone notebooks are also now available with thought-provoking quotes on them, so you get to thinking about what’s important beyond the marketing report you’re putting together!

4. The Seven Year Pen

Seven Year Pens

YES, an ink pen that will give you a longer life span than all the Bics in the office combined! The Seven Year Pen is, frankly, an awesomely good-looking ballpoint pen that will not quit, even when you want to. Using an extra-large ink cartridge, the long-lasting pen writes just as smoothly as your favorite roller ball pen and looks dang cool while doing it! Choose from understated styles like Lightning, Mustache, and yes, even Bacon. With replacement ink cartridges at only two bucks a pop, the Seven Year Pen deserves to be a staple among your eco-friendly office supply!

5. Eco Pen & Highlighter

made-by-humans-eco-pen-highlighterAnother wonderful set of eco-friendly pens only these double as highlighters. Brought to you from the earth friendly people at Made By Humans, these pens are made of biodegradable corn plastic and recyclable cardboard.

6. Takeya Water Bottle

glass water bottlesStill using those paper cone cup things for the office cooler? No more unnecesary waste: a Takeya Water Bottle uses glass and silicone to store water in the crispest, eco-friendly way possible. This reusable glass bottle keeps water from getting that weird taste that some plastic water bottles can give, and a silicone sleeve protects it in travel. The simple design of this water bottle is also mighty modern, yes?

7. Collapsible Eco Lunch Box

Eco Lunch Box
Eco-friendly can often be translated into both construcion and space-saving, and that’s what this Collapsible Eco Lunch Box does so well. This silicone-and-biodegradable-eco plastic lunch box squeezes to just a third of its normal size when not in use and pops right back up with three pockets for food. The eco lunch box also has a super nifty snap-on lid with a built-in spork!

See? Going green isn’t as difficult as you might think; just a few thoughtful items around your desk will inspire you to try it in other areas of your life. After all, seeing green at the office is way better than seeing red!

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One comment on “7 Green Gadgets For The Office

  1. Sharon
    June 17, 2013

    Those pens are awesome!


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