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Hats Off To Grads Of All Kinds! 5 Clever Gifts For Grads Of All Ages

Zombie GraduationAfter another grueling year of homework, all-nighters, procrastination, brain-cramming, eating junk food, and racking your brain full of educational material, you’ve finally made it to the podium to receive an empty folder where your diploma should be: congratulations on your graduation! And you deserve it: anyone can that can endure as much as is required for college now is a hero in his/her own right! Particularly if you’re a working individual whom also simultaneously attends school… My, how proud we are of your strength! And what of those little graduates, the ones who are exiting high school, grade school, and maybe even kindergarten, you ask? Yes, we have not forgotten about them, either. Here are some of our favorite graduation gifts for the small and mighty to the the grown and mightier!!

1. For the Little Graduate: Smile Mini Flyer

Smile Mini Flyer

Smile Mini Flyer

It’s no secret kids love toys: if you gave a kid a sweater for graduation, you better be ready to accept full responsibility for the nasty tantrum that ensues. Unlike other remote control toys, the Smile Mini Flyer uses an infrared sensor to control its upward flight. Think of using a cup-and-ball toy but without the string and with a much larger ball. The Smile Mini Flyer requires a great amount of hand-eye coordination, so kids are bound to be busy for hours playing with this novelty toy– 8 to 10 hours on a single charge, to be exact. Check it out below! (And notice how the adults have hijacked the toy for themselves!):

2. For the Summer Job Graduate: T-Shirt Folder

T-Shirt Folder

What about other young graduates who are transitioning to an institution of higher learning, a whole new chapter of their lives? Tell them to start building those summer job skills with a T-Shirt Folder. A summer job is perfect for a young’un dipping his/her feet into the job force without having a lifelong commitment– just a seasonal one– and it’s great for getting some extra monies in for unforeseen college expenses. Knowing how to fold a t-shirt might just be that invaluable skill that will get him/her a foot in the door… of JC Penney.

3. For the Traveling Graduate: Lomokino Analog Camera


So your friend the new graduate doesn’t plan on taking that all-too-familiar route of a job after school, no way. S/he wants to travel the world! You know, explore it while still young. Or perhaps the graduate has decided to continue his/her studies abroad, ready to soak in a new culture by being totally immersed in it. We applaud both decisions! For them, nothing can capture the childlike curiosity of exploring a new world like a Lomokino Analog Camera. The handheld 35mm camera uses a hand crank (YES, a crank) to control the speed of the film. Crank it up for a higher frame-per-minute ratio or down for a lower one. Then when s/he plays the adventures and misadventures years from now, the analog camera will give the home movie a sort of fuzzy, dreamy aura, like in the sample below:

4. For the Promising Graduate: Sky Umbrella

Sky Umbrella

Of course, we won’t deny that all graduates show promise of some degree; they DID accomplish something great, after all. But for those who had a more challenging path than others, those who almost gave it all up because of personal issues or a lack of support, perhaps something more symbolic is called for. A Sky Umbrella might be just that simple gift that shows your appreciation of all their hard work, dedication, and focus when other demands seemed to stretch them thin. The umbrella, cleverly designed by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, opens to just over a three foot span to protect your graduate. But it’s the meaning that’s important here: despite all the odds seeming to be against you, you succeeded, and only the sky is the limit now!

5. For the Hit-the-Ground-Running Graduate: Accordion File

Accordion FileNo time to waste after graduation because every moment can be the one when a career gets underway! And some graduates are just ambitious like that. Remind them to have a sense of humor with their new goal with an Accordion File. This portable file folder isn’t that bland green one you might have thought of when you hear “accordion file”. With an accordion printed on the file, it’s still as functional as they would want it to be but with a youthful flair to it. Tell them they can tell potential employers that their resumés are music to their ears! Ha ha ha. Ha.

What is a graduation gift but a gesture of recognition? The best gift you could give now is unconditional support, letting new graduates know you’ve got their backs, whether they decide to take a trip, take a job out of state, or take a break to think things over. Nothing is more confusing than being thrust into a new world with new expectations, higher goals, and a lack of experience to go with it. At least they’ll have you, right? So grab a graduation gift from above, tell them it’s just a small token of your pride in them, and declare, “Now go forth and conquer the earth, young graduate, and congratulations again on this one accomplishment of many to come!”

Angry Graduation

We kid! Don’t tell them that!


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One comment on “Hats Off To Grads Of All Kinds! 5 Clever Gifts For Grads Of All Ages

  1. Sharon
    June 12, 2013

    I need to go graduate from something so I can get a lomokino! Maybe I should try graduating into adulthood….


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