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Creative Father’s Day Gifts

Simply wrapping up another tie for dad isn’t going to cut it this year. This year, give dad an amazing gift – one that’s going to make him laugh and one he’ll treasure forever. These are our picks for some awesome Father’s Day gifts. i heart farting talking mug

Big Mouth Toys Talking Mug 

“I love farting,” is the silly sentiment scrawled across this ceramic mug. If your dad has a big sense of humor, he’ll get a kick out of this gassy mug. He’ll be totally surprised the first time he lifts this mug to take a drink. As you tip this coffee container, it lets out a variety of fart noises, making a sort of fart melody. It’s sure to make any silly dad’s day.


Levitron AG Anti-Gravity Globe

Mix travel and magic with this incredible anti-gravity globe. This desk globe floats above its base, which is mirrored to produce an interesting effect. A magnet is all it takes to create this incredible effect, but no worries, your dad will still be impressed. Everyone is, when they first get a glimpse of this floating globe.dads-fathers-day-gift-wallets

 Mighty Wallets

You can’t rip this paper wallet. We dare dad to try! This Mighty Wallet is made from Tyvek, a super-durable stitchless fabric. Depending on what type of dad you have, there are a number of different wallet styles to choose from. This may not be the year of the tie, but it’s definitely the year of the wallet!

If you can’t find anything to love on this list, you’ll definitely find something on the 2Shopper website. Head there to see all of our amazing Father’s Day presents. This week, we are offering an amazing sale on some excellent gifts for dad. Simply enter the coupon code: LUVDAD13 to save 20% on your 2Shopper purchase. Don’t forget, Father’s Day is right around the corner, on Sunday June 16th.

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One comment on “Creative Father’s Day Gifts

  1. Sharon
    June 11, 2013

    I’m still thinking about the butt putt. hahah


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