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10 Awesome Gifts For Dear Ol’ Dad On Father’s Day

Fathers Day

What a guy.

Who’s that handsome man in his Sunday best on Father’s Day with a head full of wavy locks and waving at you from his porch? Why, it’s… not your dad. It’s your dad’s neighbor; your dad is taking nap two of his five daily mini naps. Though his head may be shinier than the mid-life crisis car that sits in his garage, and though he’s as graceful as a lawnmower is quiet, the guy is just a big teddybear. Now, now, don’t let his disheveled appearance fool you: his daily uniform of holey undershirts and pants that fit him better in 1982 might make him look like a transient. But he’s still the guy who lent you the family car on your first date. He’s still the guy who supported you when you were unsure about what to study in college. And he’s still the guy who didn’t want to bail you out when you got into a mean bar brawl– hey, he knows that suffering builds character, and without it all, you wouldn’t be the person you are today. So here’s our gift guide for dads of all types!

For Angry Dads: Grenade Mug and Stress Paul Stress Reliever

Grenade Mug

Stress PaulIt seems your pop is always steamed about something: his football team losing, theneighbor’s greener grass, your “language”. Let Daddy calm down with his cup o’ morning Joe in a Grenade Mug. Never has saying nothing said so much, thanks to this novelty coffee mug. Then hand Dad a Stress Paul Stress Reliever so he can decompress with this stress ball. Remind him to breathe!

Red Forman

Just try not to look him in the eye.

For Lush Dads: Skull Ice Cube and Pill Bottle Drink Kooler

Skull Ice Cube

Pill Bottle Drink KoolerIs your dad the kinda guy who sports large blinged-out man rings and enjoys a whiskey on the rocks? Or is he just the guy you have to pick up from the bar every happy hour? We’ve got something both types of drinkin’ dads: a Skull Ice Cube and a Pill Bottle Drink Kooler. Something about an ice skull just reeks of awesomeness with a hint of bada**– perfect for the “cool dad”. But if Pops isn’t cool ’til he’s had a few brews, grab him the foam insulated drink holder that looks like an oversized pill bottle. Hey, everyone needs to unwind somehow, yes?

Homer Beer

Oh, Dad.

For Golfing Dads: Golf Mug and The Butt Putt

Golf Mug

Butt Putt
Let’s face it: some dads love dressing up like total nerds for a few rounds of a weirdly competitive game with other dads dressed like total nerds. Sometimes they come home as Angry Dads; other times, their losing streaks make them Lush Dads. But for all Golfing Dads, a Golf Mug and the Butt Putt can satisfy their golfing addiction in between games. While it seems like a basic white coffee mug, the Golf Mug turns on its side with a flat surface for a quick round of office golf. For dads that just take the game too seriously (c’mon, it’s a game), the Butt Putt still lets him knock that dimpled ball into a goal– if the goal is a butt that farts when a hole in one is made. Tell him to think of the fart noises as the swish of his swift swing!

For Hippie Dads: Custom Camper Desk Tidy and Recycling Bin Mug

Custom Camper

Recycling Bin Mug

The old man is just so into this green movement right now with all the recycling, upcycling, composting, and reusing, you’d think it’s time he drive a busted VW bus around and talk about “experimenting”. Hippie or not, Dad has a good point about the environment, and it’s easy to show your recognition and appreciation of going green with a Custom Camper Desk Tidy. The DIY desk organizer comes flat and assembles easily with a few folds and even comes with a sticker sheet so Dad can have the mini bus he always wanted! A Recycling Bin Mug also makes his eco-friendly intentions known with a coffee mug shaped like a recycler– hey, Dad misses no chance to spread the green word!

For Tinkering Dads: MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband


Grenade-Stubby-ScrewdriverPops is always looking to fix something, even when it’s not broke… and then his tinkering ends up really breaking it and then it needs to be completely replaced which requires a trip to the hardware stop which makes Dad very happy. A MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband keeps all those often-used tools and hardware like drill bits and nails as close to Dad’s hand as possible. The MagnoGrip adjusts to fit even monster dad wrists and has a lightweight fabric and construction so the tool belt won’t weigh Pops down, especially when he makes all those weird growling noises. Or something handy dandy like a Grenade Screwdriver Set for when the going gets rough, small and simple enough to have around at all times.

Tim Allen

You have to imagine the growling noises at this point.

So you see, dads of all of types all have their own perks, kicks, and compulsions, be it golf, alcohol, or tools. But even though Dad might be the person who was hardest on you when you dropped out of school, quit that job he got you, or when you came back from Vegas with your new wife “Glitzy”, you know deep down it’s because he wants the best for you. Dads are the rock of a family, the one who keeps everyone grounded, and he expects nothing than less than your best effort because he knows you can deliver. And that’s what makes you the person you are today. So give your old man a break about his mid life crisis tattoos and embrace him for always giving in when your mother said no, and celebrate Father’s Day with the only guy you know who’ll always have your back, no matter what!

Be sure to check out our hand-picked favorite Father’s Day Gifts on Pinterest for more gift giving ideas for Dad!

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2 comments on “10 Awesome Gifts For Dear Ol’ Dad On Father’s Day

  1. Sharon
    June 10, 2013

    hahah. very funny post! the butt putt…im speechless. i dont even understand the…nevermind.


  2. Anonymous
    June 11, 2013

    Skull Ice Cube and a Pill Bottle Drink Kooler are cool!!


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