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4 Delightful DIY Wedding Ideas

So you’ve fallen in love, said yes, and are ready to take the plunge: now it’s time to get some DIY wedding ideas flowing! Why DIY, you ask? Because wedding planning is notoriously funds-depleting. Don’t get me wrong: some people don’t mind shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to have a wondrous and luxurious wedding ceremony and reception. However, times are changing, and many people are just plain taking matters into their own hands, doing the wedding invitations, ordering the food, even making the centerpieces themselves! DIY is a huge trend that we’re reveling in like it’s a kiddie pool full of Nutella, and DIY wedding decorations arguably tend to have a special quality to them that make them so admirable and humble. Let’s see how many DIY wedding ideas can elicit a, “hey, that’s a good idea!”

1. Stamped Paper Tablecloth

Paper tablecloths at a wedding? Yes! They might be disposable, but they can also be quite charming and rustic, if planned well. Martha Stewart (Gah! She gets us again!) uses summer-inspired stamps like hydrangeas and butterflies to fashion a placement and seating chart. If you’re not up for assigning seats (let alone assigning tables), try gluing a poem printed on complementing colored paper in the center or simply leaving a decoratively cut piece of colored paper and ask guests to leave messages and well wishes for you and your new honey!

Stamped TableclothStamped Tablecloth

2. Origami Favor Boxes

Origami Favor Box

Oh Martha, you had us at “convict”. Rather than purchase a large bundle of wedding favor containers at a pretty penny a piece, try Origami Favor Boxes. Cute and easy to make, origami paper folding gives you a huge customizable advantage: you choose the paper, the size, the colors, and even the shape! Plus, paper crafts like origami add a delicate touch and a nice balance to a table full of placement settings and glasses. Take a look at other origami wedding favors for some ceremony-worthy inspiration:

Origami Favors

Origami Flower Box

SeaShells Origami

3. Fairy Berries

Fairy Berries Centerpiece

We’ve featured Fairy Berries in one of our Valentine’s Day post because of their magical glow and submergible construction, which make them perfect for wedding centerpieces and other wedding decorations. Their soft mood lighting helps to create that dreamy, uber-romantic atmosphere that a proper wedding should just ooze effortlessly. The small twinkling lights also have a hidden hook for hanging! With a little creative placement, Fairy Berries can accent a fairy-tale-wedding-on-a-budget or a rustic or outdoor wedding.

Fairy Berry Mason Jar

Or drop a Fairy Berry in a mason jar and hang the whole thing!

4. Cupcakes in a Jar

Cupcake in a Jar

What a nifty idea! Rather than turn sour over the price of a sweet wedding cake, Cupcakes in a Jar provide individual servings in a mini keepsake. Bake up a batch of a family recipe or something colorful like Red Velvet Cupcakes to pop on a reception table. Cupcakes are a very cost-effective way to manage dessert for a wedding party, and guests are able to take them home if they should decide to participate in the chicken dance goin’ on instead.

My favorite wedding gift idea? Something that you forget at home and then conveniently remember when Christmas rolls along so you can hit two birds with one stone! (Hey, wedding gifts are expensive!) Luckily, my friend took it very lightly, and after all, it’s not the gifts that make a wedding, but it’s the emotions and letting yourself experience everything as it happens. Which reminds me: bridezillas, remember that a wedding is just one day, so don’t fret over the small details and hiccups. So let us admire DIY wedding decorations and wish we had thought of that while wiping away a tear for not having thought of it (or maybe a tear of happiness). We pronounce these DIY wedding ideas downright delightful!

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5 comments on “4 Delightful DIY Wedding Ideas

  1. kevin
    June 7, 2013

    those DYI items look decent and romantic for wedding


  2. Sharon
    June 7, 2013

    i know someone who also bought boxes of mason jars for the glasses to serve guests. it was really cute 🙂


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