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More Interesting Hobbies to Try

We previously featured a blog on some very interesting hobbies like Zentai and extreme ironing. Of course, we realize that there’s plenty more interesting hobbies, like a hybrid hobby of several of the hobbies we discussed, as suggested by a commenter. And yes, people love to be surprised, amazed, grossed out, and otherwise impressed by the things that other people do to get their rocks off. Today, we talk about a few more of those weird hobbies and the weirdos who love them.

1. LARPing

LarpingYou may have heard of LARPing before, likely from the infamous Lightning Bolt LARPer video. If you haven’t, you might be thinking it sounds like something that might give you a disease. An acronym for Live Action Role Playing, LARP is the act of bringing a game to life, be it a board game, video game, or card game. A “LARPer” will dress in character from head to toe, complete with costumes, signature moves, speech, and tools or weapons, and meet with other LARPers also in character. Using the real world as scenery (sometimes just as it is, other times propped to imitate the game), everyone interacts as his/her character and according to either the game rules or rules set up by someone overseeing the role-playing event (called a gamemaster). What ensues is something that seems more like a lifestyle than a hobby, sometimes spanning over days and involving hundreds of people. Though some people can only offer a shrug of understanding, we have to admit, we really admire the dedication and imagination put into reenacting scenes from captivating games (though we would argue the sleep ending from Super Mario Bros. 2 would probably be uneventful at best). Check out this documentary of what LARP is all about!

2. Ukelele Playing

Uke Dude

Hipsters love it.

If you thought a ukelele was just a novelty kid’s toy, think again. The small guitar actually has a rather large cult of devotees who enjoy that authentically Hawaiian sound reminiscent of the mid-century Hawaiian craze. Actually, ukelele players tend to have had fancied strumming away at it since they were wee children but only took up playing recently. So it’s sort of a backburner goal for some. Plus, unlike other musical instruments, the ukelele or uke is surprisingly easy to play. With only four strings and a miniature size, it has a welcome simplicity to it that more complicated instruments don’t have, like larger guitars. Plus, we love that breezy, carefree sound. If this sounds like something you’re interested in (perhaps because it’s the most socially acceptable of these interesting hobbies?), try a DIY Ukelele Kit that comes unfinished for your customization. Then check out Ukelele Underground (yes, that’s the real name) for some quick lessons!

3. Clay Baking

House Clay Pots

Underbaked Clay

It’s safe to say people get into this.

Clay baking might not seem like a very interesting hobby, but you’d be surprised what a little dexterity and some effort can get you. Using polymer clay, you mold and dye (with food coloring) the clay mixture into almost anything you can imagine, from the mini succulent house-shaped pots above to a delicate and extremely detailed fairy.  And that clay baking has a limitless extent is really what makes this hobby interesting: there are no rules, no bounds, no serious methods, no requirements, no large equipment. In fact, try making your own baking clay using only cornstarch, baking soda, and water. It’s amazing to think that three simple ingredients can create birdfeedersgeometric paperweights, and even mustache charms!

4. Zombie Walks


Do what now? Yes, it’s just what it says: people dress up (or down) like the living dead and… walk. Zombie walks involve a large group of people (some as large as communities themselves) and are often covered in tattered clothing and blood or gore of some type while doing that characteristic zombie swagger from one point to another. What for, you ask? Why not? Thanks to some certain zombie-centered shows and movies, zombie walks have grown in popularity because they allow people to indulge in certain fantasies while also scaring confused locals with realistic injuries, white eyeballs, and the need for “brains”. Recently, though, zombie walks have taken a more charitable intention, like simultaneously holding a food drive, and they’ve become annual events that take over metropolitan cities. What would you do if a large group of zombies crept up behind you? Take a peek from 2011’s San Diego Zombie Walk:

So you see, there is an endless supply of weird hobbies that people love to dive into. Playing dead or playing a ukelele, we love the diversity of hobbies and that everyone has something they can let loose in. If you haven’t found that “thing” yet, don’t worry: there’s plenty more interesting hobbies out there for you to browse, try, and connect to!

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5 comments on “More Interesting Hobbies to Try

  1. kevin
    May 31, 2013



  2. sharoanypony79
    June 7, 2013

    i just did an isolation tank. Zombie Walk was much funner! 🙂


    • Super Sasha
      June 11, 2013

      I think I would be like Homer Simpson in an isolation tank. (Note to self: feature isolation tanks in next installment of the weird hobbies posts.)


      • sharoanypony79
        June 11, 2013

        like a monkey grinding a music box? i did some yoga in there. apparently the big one in LA is Float Labs in Venice. It was cool but being all relaxed and then released onto the Venice boardwalk was a little counter-productive.


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