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Mason Jar Madness! 10 Fun and Easy DIY Ideas

Mason Jar

They’re here, and bygone, they’ve taken the decorating and hipster world by storm: it’s mason jar madness! Yes, those rustic gems have been in plain sight this whole time, but it wasn’t until recently that they took on a life of their own and were witnessed in gardens, as lights, in bathrooms, and even at weddings! Oh, the horror! Actually, we love it, but for the sake of this post’s tone, we scream in horror with shifty eyes! The madness has taken over, and we must give in to mason jar ideas! Ahhhhh!!

1. Mason Jar Terrarium

Mason Jar TerrariumMason Jar TerrariumIt lives! No, literally, plants live in mason jars with these Mason Jar Terrariums. Try them as Halloween decorations, like the mason jar-scary lagoon version above, or start a mini mason jar garden: use a rooted plant and round the soil and roots to fit into the mason jar lid, then embellish with a little fake moss for a polished look. So creative, it’s scary!

2. Mason Jar Lemonade


If people use them as cups, why not use them as individually served drinks? Mason jars filled with lemonade and stuck in ice make a perfect compliment to any function. Just fill with lemonade or the beverage of your choosing, and sit on ice for a cool, clean drink that will send shivers up the spine like Janet Leigh’s scream! Pair them up with the season’s other big trend, mustaches, with Dapper Drink Markers! Ooh, scary.

Dapper Drink Markers

Mustache Madness (the sequel to Mason Jar Madness)

3. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

Bathroom Storage

Oh no, mason jars have crept into your house! And they intend to help keep your small bathroom essentially neatly organized! Run like hell! Bathroom storage mason jars easily tack onto a painted wooden board with pipe clamps and keep everything within reach and with a little style, of course.

4. Pizza in a Jar

Pizza in a Jar

And now you’re gonna eat from a mason jar, too! Geez, you’re a brave one! Actually, we love the idea of Pizza in a Jar using a mason jar. Oven-baked pizza cooks in the jar itself, and adding the pizza dough as the first ingredient or the last means you get to choose if you want crispy dough or chewy dough!

5. Painted Mason Jar Vases

Painted Vases

Have your plants gotten mason jar madness, too?? Well, it’s all good: painted mason jar vases actually look quite stunning and cozy when given a new coat and a new form of life– a cute flower, that is. The DIY vase instructions also work on other bottles and jars, too! (Then you’ll have Jars in General Madness!)

6. Mason Jar Frames

Mason Jar Photos

Oh no! Loved ones are captured forever on film and in glass! Mason jar frames excellently display family photos with a snow globe sort of feel. Because they don’t have those pesky folding metal things on the backs of photo frames, pictures can be changed out easily, too!

7. Mason Jar Candle Holders

Mason Jar Tealights

diy mason jar candle lanternsThey come in peace– and light! Actually, we bring the light with tealights or larger candles for mason jar lights. Hang them using twine or wire like the jar lanterns above. Or try using floating candles and clear or colored rocks like the mason jar tealight centerpieces!

8. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Mason Jar Soap

Finally! Wash your hands of all this madness with a mason jar soap dispenser. Just grab some cheap soap from your nearest dollar store, drill a hole in the mason jar lid, and add the dispenser. Phew! This madness has receded…for now!

9. Mason Jar Fireflies

Mason Jar Fireflies

Okay, now mason jar madness has returned, and oh so quickly! Your eyes will pop, your jaw will drop, your hands will grab your nearest scissors and glow sticks to create mason jar fireflies! No, it’s not the evil offspring of mason jar madness, but rather it’s a jar lantern created with the contents of a glow stick (the horror!) and glitter (the shine!) tossed around the inside (the gore!).

And finally, the mother of all mason jar ideas…

10. Infused Vodka

Infused Vodka

Upcycling at its most liquored-up! The alcohol, the flavor, the trendiness– it’s all too much! Infused vodka is actually really easy to make, too, and there’s SO many varieties to try! Watermelon, berries, tropical fruit, even herbs like basil, and even habaneros! The madness never ends!

Mason Jar DIY! Attack of the Mason Jar! The Mason Jar That Wouldn’t Die! *Gasp!* You get the point. How will you be infected with mason jar madness this season, hmmm?

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10 comments on “Mason Jar Madness! 10 Fun and Easy DIY Ideas

  1. sharoanypony79
    June 11, 2013

    i just saw a recipe that called for me soaking anise in vodka in….a MASON JAR. yah chances of me preparing one teaspoon of an ingredient 2 weeks in advance is VOID


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      August 6, 2013

      In the post re: Jar Fireflies Wateryness is mentioned but water is not included in the recipe, only contents of a glow stick and diamond glitter.


      • Super Sasha
        August 6, 2013

        Noted! Correction made! Thanks! Some of the different “recipes” online called for water while others did not. I read that it works much better without, though.


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