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Homely Gifts for Housewarming Parties

One of the best things about warmer weather, besides everything, is the possibility of more housewarming parties! Yes, that seems oddly specific, but think about it: warmer weather means hosting a party outdoors, throwing on the grill, and enjoying some tunes and light conversation with friends and well-wishers. According to Time magazine, spring is the best time to sell a house, meaning that more home buyers will be scooping up home sweet home right about now– and that means you might be heading to said home for a housewarming party very soon. And think about this: do you really want to wait til the last minute, grab a plant and a bow from CVS, smack them together, and say “Congratulations on this HUGE milestone in your lives”?? Wow. This would only be recommended if you never want an invite to a housewarming party ever again. Or if you don’t mind being called a cheapskate– but you do mind, right? Good. Read on for some nifty, thoughtful, and unique housewarming gifts for the new homeowners!

1. Sunshine Mist LampSunshine Mist Lamp

As a fairly recent new homeowner myself, I recall the musky old-people smell that flooded nostrils upon entering. That might be okay for some people (old people, likely), but it wasn’t for me. New homeowners would enjoy a Sunshine Mist Lamp. Sleek and contemporary, the refillable mist lamp uses aroma-therapeutic oils to give any room a light fragrance of your choice. The air freshener is also a color changing lamp, transforming from red to blue to green. A very easy way to bring a little movement to complement a finished and redecorated space!

2. Grenade Screwdriver Kit

Grenade Screwdriver

If you’re on a tight budget when it comes to housewarming gifts, not to worry: grab the new homeowners a Grenade Screwdriver Kit. This screwdriver kit looks like a nifty albeit questionable man keyring, but it opens up to reveal the complete quick guide to New Homeowner 101: have a screwdriver handy at ALL TIMES. You never know when a door knob will come loose, or a drawer pull will pull right out, or you need to open a paint can, or you need to remove a switch cover, or you need to replace a lock, or…

3. LED Lantern Lights

Lantern LightsLantern Lights Bundlea









If you’re headed to an outdoor housewarming party (which you likely are), bring with you some very thoughtful LED Lantern Lights. The LED string lights come in a set of 10 lanterns that shine with an almost romantic ambience that is still appropriate for parties with friends. Because these hanging lights use 2 AA batteries, they can be placed anywhere you like: trees, fences, a patio, a fireplace, maybe even a bedroom (though we’d hope that party happens after everyone leaves)!

4. Branch Silhouette Birdhouse

Branch Silhouette Birdhouse

Because homeowners might be focusing on what’s inside the home and not outside, a Branch Silhouette Birdhouse  is a welcomed unique gift that provides a nice reminder of owning a new nest! Easily constructed with plastic pieces, the DIY birdhouse can house up to 22 different species of birds. Then you can smile knowing that your housewarming gift also offered a new home to another family as well!

5. Pinch + Prep Bowls

Pinch + Prep Bowls

Particularly if you’re attending the housewarming party of friends who’ve never been on their own before, housewarming gifts like kitchen gadgets and meal prep tools are always a welcome addition. Rather than opt for the stereotypical spice jar rack, try gifting them some Pinch + Prep Bowls. Unlike other measuring bowls, these ones from Chef’n measure your ingredients with one huge difference: the sides squeeze to create an easy-pour spout! So your friends won’t have to worry about dropping food all over their new kitchen floors or ruining their new stove!

newnestAttending a housewarming party can be both inspiring and an honor, knowing that there’s others who want to celebrate such a momentous occasion with you and a few select others. Just more of a reason to not settle with getting them a plant!

Sources: The Best Times to Buy or Sell a House

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One comment on “Homely Gifts for Housewarming Parties

  1. sharoanypony79
    May 24, 2013

    Whatever happened to host/hostess gifts? am i too old? well yes, but i think it’s nice to bring the host or hostess of a shindig something other than the 40oz you plan on consuming. all of these would be lovely gifts for a get-together.


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