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Note: It’s National Memo Day

Memo Dude

What’s your favorite type of note? Those eye-rolling ones from your roommate about not doing the dishes… again? Those little love notes from your boyfriend or girlfriend that you randomly find from time to time? Or maybe it’s those funny ones some people get keyed into the side of their car door? From to-do lists to thank you notes, notes and memos give us the opportunity to say a short blurb about this and that without having to draw out a full-on conversation (because who wants that). With such a small space to work with, every word must count, and conciseness is key. And when something is short and sweet (or not necessarily sweet, but you know what we mean), your message sticks, and your words are heard– maybe not heeded, but heard. And wouldn’t ya know it: May 21st is National Memo Day! (Dang, we have impeccable timing!) Take note as we count down our favorite memos and notes and the perfect message to accompany them!

5. Cheeseburger Sticky Notepad

Cheeseburger Note

Nom-nom-nom! Uh, we mean, jot-jot-jot because every layer of a Cheeseburger Sticky Notepad easily munches away at various difficult and awkward moments with ease and a little humor. And wouldn’t ya know it again: May is National Cheeseburger Month! (MAN, are we on a roll today!) Because after a note like this one, these sticky notes might help lighten the embarrassment of being caught:

No Reason

4. Wrist Watch Sticky Notes

Wrist Watch Note

Perfect if you don’t wear a watch but still need a constant reminder, the Wrist Watch Sticky Note is simply ridiculous– ridiculously awesome! Use the thin sticky notes to write a really quick reminder, strap it on, and strap yourself in for never forgetting again! (Though we can’t guarantee that.) At the very least, though, the super-small space on these notepads helps to emphasize just a quick, important message:

Heart Love Note

Aww. Yes, we can be sentimental at times.

3. Suck UK Block Note Pads

Suck UK Block Note Pad

Sometimes, notes to yourself or others don’t need to fill up a whole memo pad, but rather just a corner or a small space. Block Note Pads reminiscent of a favorite Nintendo game provide the area needed for small memos like the “BILLS!” one above. Not that that’s much of a note as it is an exclamation, anyways. Still, the video game notepads might let you unleash a little excusable nerdom, like this note left on a car:

Optimus Disapproves

2. Mouse Pad Memo Pad

Mouse Pad Memo Pad

You know we fancy things that do double duty, and this Mouse Pad Memo Pad is that multifunctional memo pad we fancy right now. The sticky notes allow you to jot, doodle, gripe, or list anything you want, even when you’re working! You likely might be working, too, because the memo pad also acts as a mouse pad! The over-sized writing pad also gives plenty of room to, err, spell out a growing problem in the workplace:

Jay Parker
passive aggressive notes office

1. Knock Knock Sticky Notes

WTF Note

Whatever Note

Please Note

A memo pad for all occasions! Need to tell a workmate about an annoying pet peeve irritated by him/her? Pass that person a “WTF” memo, and hey, why not mark the !? box while you’re at it. Want to respond to that colleague who sent you a note about his/her pet peeve? Respond with a “Whatever” note. Tired of your two workmates bickering over some stupid pet peeve? Send them both a “Please” note and mark the boxes “Shut Up” and “Always”. See? With so little to say in the first place, it’s even better to have a sticky note pad that sets the pace for you right from the start! And these sticky notes are also quite appropriate for conversing work memos like these:

No Staples Please

No Naples Please

No Stables Please

No Stray Pills Please

My favorite kind of notes? The chore lists I leave for my husband on his days off. Note: even sick days count as days off. (Hey, no one gets a free ride!) Grab a pack of sticky notes from above or some kind of notepad because you never know when you might just need one:

Car Note

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2 comments on “Note: It’s National Memo Day

  1. sharoanypony79
    May 21, 2013

    hilarious. thank you!


    • sharoanypony79
      May 28, 2013

      btw – no one has made TPS report memos yet?


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