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Decluttering Your Life, Pt. 3: Small Organizers Make A Big Difference


Because we want to save you from yourself.

It’s no secret by now that we’re big on organizers, large and small. Alas, the time has come to focus on the smaller things, those negligible daily nuisances that could use a little revamping and some attention. Think of wearing earphones, dancing to the perfect beat but to silence to everyone else, and moving around your house. Though we’re sure you like the length of that cord, it just always seems to get stuck on something: a knob, handle, or belt buckle. Or how about that mouse? Yes, we also love being able to move that little guy freely along the desk surface. But when it becomes difficult to maneuver it around to where you have to pull it and then something just falls off the desk but you don’t see what it is because there’s just too much crap on your desk… Grrr! We hate those moments!!! So much so that we just had to retouch the topic of home organization again, this time to elaborate on small solutions to small problems with a big annoyance factor.

1. BLOCK Letter Rack

Block Letter Rack

Nice rack! The BLOCK Letter Rack is just a tiny colorful square, one wire spun around itself to keep you from doing the same. The mail organizer easily keeps mail upright so there’s no shuffling between loose stacks on the kitchen table, which thus far has become your catch-all for junk mail and bills combined. Rather than hold on to junk mail, use this letter holder to keep bills in order: try placing them in the order received or by due date, and throw junk mail out as soon as you realize it’s junk– why would you need to keep it around? Don’t forget to shred or cut up anything with sensitive information on it, like bank statements or credit card offers!

2. Leaf Keepers Cable Ties

Leaf Keepers

In keeping with the lush foliage of the season underway, Leaf Keepers Cable Ties use a bit of greenery to contain loose cables like a trellis taming ivy. Each cable tie tames those terrible desktop cables we mentioned earlier. If you can peer behind your desktop computer and witness a myriad of cables and wires that reminds you of the time-traveling scene from Bill and Ted, we think you can safely say you’ve got a problem and it’s okay to address it lightly. Leaf Keepers have a bit of playfulness to them but don’t look too solemn or serious like basic white cable ties do.

"Whoa, look at that mess, dude!"

“Whoa, look at that mess, dude!”

3. Plug Out Organizers

Plug Out Organizers

Speaking of cable organization, we might speculate you’ve also got a little trouble hanging around some certain outlets in your home… *Gasp* You do?!? Here’s your small organization solution: a Plug Out Organizer. Rather than just keep each plug loose on the floor or nearby surface, use this plug holder which sticks to a wall and keep them plugs within reach. Plus, appliances that are plugged in and not in use actually still consume energy– in other words, they cost you even when you’re not using them. Not good, right? The Plug Out Organizer was also the winner of  “A Better World by Design” DCE Consumer Product Challenge. Good, right?

4. <<REW Wire Spooler

Wire Spooler

Ahh, yes, another one of our pet peeves regarding personal electronics: that double-edged sword called a long earphone or headphone cable. My, how we loathe and need it at the same time. The <<REW Wire Spooler aims to collect the loose wires with a bit of retro flair. An inner spool keeps those wires close to you instead of close to something that might yank that sweet Pandora mix right out of your ears! So you might also argue that the <<REW Wire Spooler keeps you from destroying your other belongings out of anger, yes?

5. SleekStor Pinch + Pour Bowls

Pinch + Pour Bowls

And how could we forget the kitchen? It’s just too easy to create instant clutter during prep. I often use an old pie pan to hold cooking prep items, but it just doesn’t quite have the decency (or the function!) as these SleekStor Pinch + Pour Bowls. Nesting measurement bowls are clearly labeled with measurements but with an extra kicker: each prep bowl has a unique design that allows you, oh master chef, to pinch the sides to pour its contents neatly and, might we add, completely into your pan or pot. Now you get the name of this kitchen prep tool, yes?

So, you see, small items need not be noticed only when they go awry or cause some dysfunction to your normal routine. Rather, they deserve– nay, need– attention to keep organized, just like in other areas of your life and rooms in your house. So fret not over small nuisances like cables and a growing mail bomb, and don’t accept it as another daily inconvenience like traffic or people who don’t cover their mouths when they sneeze. We– you and us– can control these small messes, so why aren’t we? Let’s do this!


Ahh, that’s more like it. Don’t worry: you’ll get to this point someday.

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4 comments on “Decluttering Your Life, Pt. 3: Small Organizers Make A Big Difference

  1. Patricia
    May 14, 2013

    I wish my pantry looked like that! Its funny how in the spring everyone de-guts there home and spring cleans. But if they ( myself included) just cleaned and straightened up all the time there would less to do in the spring.


    • Super Sasha
      May 14, 2013

      Very true. I try to rotate my canned goods and keep like-items near each other. Try being the operative word.


  2. sharoanypony79
    May 15, 2013

    ugh, that first picture has a spice rack in the background that my mom used to have. it was like solid SPICE in there, lol. there were no individual granules. shudders.


  3. latelyleslie
    May 16, 2013

    ha ha! my mom is the same way. She’s got the same cinnamon spice from 2 years ago. It’s just a giant block now. Speaking of cinnamon, if you haven’t seen this hilarious lady taking the cinnamon challenge, it’s a must-watch…

    P.S.: I laugh every time I see that image of Bill and Ted’s faces! genius. lol


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