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What Your Stuff Says About You: A 2Shopper Take

It’s no secret that what you own is a representation of yourself and your personality. Got a new Mercedes? You’ve probably got money– or you’re trying to give others that impression. Sporting a sweater covered in pet hair? Well, you must own a pet. And you don’t own a sticky lint brush. (Get one now.) Got an iPhone cover shaped like Wolverine? You’re cool. And we want to be your friend. Drawing conclusions from others’ belongings is essential to interpreting who’s safe to talk to, who might complement your personality, who’s scary, and who’s just a waste of your time. And then there’s the flipside: making premature judgments before you’ve gotten to know someone. Let’s try our hand at this with some things and see what we can discern, shall we?

1. Eau Good Filter Water Bottle

Eau Good

With the eco-craze that has many people poo pooing plastic water bottles, a Eau Good Filter Water Bottle provides a great solution to drinking slimy fountain water. Using an active carbon filter, the portable water bottle yields high quality clean water for up to 6 months at a time, and the filter itself is recyclable. Getting yourself this was a no-brainer– it fits perfectly in the cup holder in your hybrid. Might that also mean, though…


That you’re a hippie? Yes, those Mother-Earth-hugging free thinkers also believed in maintaining the purity of the planet. Minus the drugs, you might have a lot in common with their philosophy of nature. Hey, we’re just saying.

2. Glitzsee Purse Light

Glitzsee Purse Light

Fumbling around in a shoulder-strapped jungle is no fun when you’re looking for something very specific. Looking for love in all the wrong places, indeed. A Glitzsee Purse Light is a jeweled-shaped motion-activated light that gives you 15 seconds to find what you’re looking for. Plenty of time to grab ‘n’ go, but if the purse light can’t help you…

Extra Large Purse

You have a VERY LARGE purse filled with LOTS OF JUNK. You can easily reach into your bag  up to your elbow and 1) pull out something completely obsolete, 2) prick yourself on something, and/ or 3) graze something wet or sticky on any given occasion. We strongly advise you to dump the contents of that bag and liberate yourself from the fine line between being prepared and being a hoarder. I had a friend who reached into her purse recently and pulled out her phone… that she hasn’t used in three years. Simplify!

3. Caffeinated Soap

Caffeinated Soap

Yes, it exists: Caffeinated Soap! You figure, who needs scented body wash when there’s perfume? And who needs coffee when you can have your morning jolt while you lather up? And sure, the natural soap is also good for tightening the skin and minimizing pores. But if you need to have caffeine in the shower, well, you might be a caffeine addict.


All Hail Liquid Black Gold! You can’t focus without some caffeine– in fact, you’re downright vicious without any stimulant. We understand, though, that some things– indeed, some people– are just hard to tolerate without some chemical motivation. As long as you’re not doing this, we think you’re in the clear for sanity:

4. Cabin Comfort Pillow

Cabin Comfort Pillow

You own a Cabin Comfort Pillow, an inflatable travel pillow that sits snugly on your airline tray. Covered in fleece and breathable mesh, you hug that pillow with all you’ve got– it almost seems to us like it’s your livelihood. Which might mean…


You’re a workaholic. You’re on the go so much that any time you’re confined and not by your own will is precious time… nap time… sleepytime. We feel badly for you. But on the other hand…


You could be a world traveler. You want to experience everything you can while you– and it– still exist. We envy you.

So, for those of you own one or some of these products, how did we do? Spot-on conclusions? Maybe a little exaggerated judgments? Did you just realize you have hippie qualities? Just remember: your belongings say something about you, as do your actions, reactions, and behavior.

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8 comments on “What Your Stuff Says About You: A 2Shopper Take

  1. latelyleslie
    May 8, 2013

    That coffee enema clip is hilarious! Checking emails and tweeting lol


    • Super Sasha
      May 8, 2013

      Isn’t it terrible? How do these people keep jobs with the amount of enemas they need a day??


  2. Sharon
    May 9, 2013

    why don’t these people just get high? do they really need to involve their “rectums”. jeez Louise!


    • Super Sasha
      May 12, 2013

      Hahaha! I’m not sure what’s more recommended: getting high or having a coffee enema… I hope this will be some kind of an ongoing joke in this blog…


    • Patricia
      May 14, 2013

      I know this is going to sound bad but…..maybe they like it!! You know some please have some weird things they are into. No matter how much I love coffee, I would never try this! Hahaha-


      • Super Sasha
        May 14, 2013

        This is true. I enjoy Nintendo games, but I guess saying “I enjoy coffee enemas” is much more interesting!


  3. sharoanypony79
    June 17, 2013

    I wonder if, because this blog is what your stuff says about you, that perhaps coffee enemas could say something about you…you know like tea leaves? Someone could read your coffee grounds.


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