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We Love Mamas for Mother’s Day

Close your eyes and reminisce about your fondest memory of your mother. What do you recall? Is it those awesome cookies she used to make from scratch? Is it the wise advice she gave you when you had a major broken heart? Is it that time she told your teacher off, who also happened to be a nun? Oh wait, that’s my mom. Whatever the memory, mothers everywhere deserve more than just a day on May 12 (also known to some as Mother’s Day); they really deserve something that celebrates them and their unique personalities, from sports moms to tea time mums to pet moms. For every type of mom out there, there’s some gift or gesture that brings them joy, a laugh, a smile, or a tear when they realize that you really do know what a pain in the arse you were growing up. Here’s to our mothers and showing that we care enough to get something other than a card!

For Expecting Moms: Expecting Whale Mobile

Whale Mobile

Whale Mobile

An Expecting Whale Mobile hanging in a nursery

What a special, overwhelming time this must be for first time moms! With the exhilaration of a new baby coming and the seemingly endless process of preparing a nursery, an Expecting Whale Mobile makes a fascinating gift for both mom and baby alike! A pregnant soon-to-be-mother can sit underneath the Danish paper mobile, enthralled by the potential of her own body, and then use it as a nursery mobile when the little one arrives. A first Mother’s Day gift of many!

For Fifty Shades of Moms: Book Rest Light


Love in the Time of Scurvy

Kind of like this.

Is your mother a Nora Roberts-aholic? Does she spend her free time with her face in some book about vampires or colors? A Book Rest Light lets her keep the pace with a nifty bedside lamp that “houses” her literary fantasies. Hey, even moms have sex drives… as unnerving as that might make you feel… ahem, moving on…


For Forgetful Moms: Chalkboard Wall Clock

Chalkboard Clock

Even a dashboard full of neon memos can’t get your mom to remember your birthday (really, Mom??), so the next best thing to being on time and remembering what to be on time for is a very blatant reminder on a Chalkboard Wall Clock. A cute, colorful clock steps aside to provide plenty of room to jot down some notes for Mother, like “Your son’s birthday is coming soon”, “Tomorrow is your son’s birthday”,  and “It is your son’s birthday”. Don’t get mad if she still forgets.

Busy Mom

For Crazy Moms: Nut Case Pill Case

Nut Case Pill Case

“Are you smoking the pot??!! Don’t lie to me!!” Ugh, geez, Ma, you’re crazy. Some moms are just crazy, whether they throw out wild accusations of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll or they just need something to keep them calm. A Nut Case Pill Case looks stylish enough, a metal pill case that’s also an acorn keyring. Screw it loose to reveal pill storage for Ma when she comes unscrewed herself.

For Bakin’ Moms: Cookie Stampers & Bakeball Bat Rolling Pin

Cookie Stampers

Bakeball Bat

Mommy baking cookies_thumb[3]Did you know there’s moms out there that still bake from scratch like those moms you see in old TV shows? It’s true!! And for them, put together a baking set of Cookie Stampers and a Bakeball Bat Rolling Pin. Let them whip together a batch of their famous sugar cookies with this sports rolling pin and a clever cookie stamp in “Homemade”, “I Love You”, or the mom-disapproved “Eat Me”. Perfect for grandmas, too!



For Agitated Moms: Chill Pill Ice Tray & Power Eyes Multifrequency Eyes Circulation Massager

Chill Pill

Eye Massager Mask

Some moms just can’t seem to relax: there’s always something to be done, something forgotten, and something to worry about. Tell Mom to take a Chill Pill, but only if you follow it up with a Power Eyes Multi-Frequency Eyes Circulation Mask. Granted it looks like something Robocop would wear, the wireless eye massager actually stimulates circulation with different modes and features a remote so she can soothe achy eyes from looking at the mess around her. Nobody likes a Grumpy Mom, after all.

Ricky Better Off Dead

“You… shouldn’t upset Mother.”

For Shoe-Obsessed Moms: Nest Floor Shoe Rack & Pumped Up Phone Holder

Nest Floor Shoe Rack

Pumped Up Phone Holder

Let’s face it: your mom’s a woman, and what woman can deny the allure of a sexy kitten heel or the perfect fit of the perfect flats. Help Dad keep his closet space and sanity with a Nest Floor Shoe Rack. A vertical shoe rack keeps expensive shoes off the floor and away from each other, preventing scuffs and messes. Then she can grab her phone from a Pumped Up Phone Holder and browse the DSW website for more dreamy, stylish shoes. Unless she’s into mom jeans, instead…

Though no gift can ever encompass what we’ve gained from our mothers’ care, examples, and advice, we nevertheless strive to put as much thought into our choice of gift on Mother’s Day. Let’s face it, though: mothers far and wide deserve the world. After all, they gave the world to us and vice versa, and though we can never fully repay them for all they’ve invested in us, we can strive to be the best siblings, citizens, role models, and parents we can be. Showing them we’ve learned from all their nagging, yelling, scolding, etc., to become better than they expected is the best gift of all. To all moms and moms-to-be out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

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2 comments on “We Love Mamas for Mother’s Day

  1. Patricia
    May 6, 2013

    I’m a mom , and I definitely don’t wear mom jeans….lol. I am going to have to hint around about the nutcase pill case, pumped up phone holder and the cookie stamper for Mothers day.


  2. sharoanypony79
    May 9, 2013

    hahah! awesome post. especially about “the pot??!” Lol. Ive started putting ‘the’ in front of stuff now: THE walmart, THE target, THE Netflix…how does that even happen?


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