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New Things We Love: Qualy Products


Spring is in full bloom: the flower buds are opening with sweet fragrance, the skies are bluer than they’ve been in a while, and the warmth of the sun… what can we say about that except “ahhhh”.  We just see no need to keep the outside out there when we’re all couped up indoors ; let’s bring some of that new life in with the addition of beautiful potted annuals and perennials, fresh scents, and one of our new favorite lines, Qualy. As part of an effort to redecorate for the new and refreshing season, we’ve adopted the Thai brand into our lineup of products because of their whimsical designs and nature-inspired shapes. Like spring itself, Qualy products offer vibrant color choices with fun lines and an innocence found in new life. Check out some of our favorite home products below and consider adding a few to liven up your living quarters!

1. Squirrel Wall Hook

Squirrel Wall Hook

While the weather might be warming, there’s still time to adorn a light sweater, so this Squirrel Wall Hook will keep it or a scarf right within reach. A bright, playful squirrel sits perched atop the coat hook, just observing its new surroundings. Not a nut in sight– which might be a good thing for you!

2. Dove Doorstop

Dove Doorstop

We enjoy a light breeze kissing our faces just as much as the next spring lover, but it can get downright chilly sometimes (yes, even here in Southern California)! The Dove Doorstop sits silently and peacefully while keeping a swift breeze from pushing that door right open. If you just glance at it, it almost appears like the birdie doorstop just hopped right in behind you, sneaking in to avoid that breeze as well. As long as it’s not pooping, it’s welcome.

3. Hummingbird Drink Markers

It is FINALLY the perfect weather to have an outside get-together with pals and family! Use these Hummingbird Drink Markers to ensure that everyone’s glasses sit in the proper grasp like a nest hugs an egg. Minute and vivid, the drink markers individualize the sweet, sweet nectar contained in the glass– by that, of course, we are referring to alcohol.

4. Four Seasons Spice Shakers


As much as we love spring, we also realize that, without other contrasting seasons, we wouldn’t have so much to look forward to every year. This Four Seasons Spice Shakers brings that all into focus with a set of four refillable acrylic spice casters, all perfectly balanced with a display of each season. Just remove the bottom, fill with the seasoning of your choice, and off you go with tasteful flavor to your grill or stove. What will you fill each snow-globe-like container with? Salt in the winter? Pepper in the summer? Marjoram in the fall?

We never want spring to end, but it must at some point. At least with some Qualy items added to a wall or table, that constant reminder of new life and will lighten a mood and brighten an outlook. Each functional piece brings a little fun to a room or a meal, and when not in use each acts as a decorative piece on its own. Let’s embrace spring and spring products before the overwhelming heat of summer melts us all!

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One comment on “New Things We Love: Qualy Products

  1. sharoanypony79
    May 1, 2013

    i need to invest in more animal hooks in the house. that’s for sure!


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