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Sprucing Up Your Office for Spring

Nervous Milton

Just a shred of color and a dead plant at your desk? Tsk, tsk.

Yay, spring is here, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining… but you’re at work, stuck staring at the blandest gray cubicle wall ever. You would never even know it was still daylight out if not for the clock on the corner of your computer screen. Well, at least you’re surrounded with paper, which comes from trees, which is kinda like being with nature…. Kind of. Don’t shrug it off; we have some easy solutions for you! Just because you’re working doesn’t mean spring can’t cascade over your office space like the wonderful season that it is! Let’s bring in some of that sunshine, that enthusiasm for spring, that refreshed feeling that nature brings, that– well, you get our point.

1. Power Planter

Power Planter desk stationery gama-go

Now, the first thing that might have come to mind when you think of plants in an office are those weird climbing ivy plant things or that plant at the entryway with spider webs over it. If that’s what you call nature, my, how wrong you are! This Power Planter contains a small garden in a white ceramic planter. The name doesn’t refer just to the whimsical shape of the pot, though; wheatgrass, a plant known for its energizing benefits, blows up and out of the cooling tower with shameless irony! (It is a plant growing out of a plant that destroys the atmosphere for plants, after all.) Take some shots at work– wheatgrass shots, that is– to help your body rid itself of nasty toxins and provide nutrients and vitamins. Perfect for working all that overtime!

2. Cheerful Pet Plant

Cheerful Pet Plants

UGH, do NOT place a plastic plant on your desk: they’re cheap, ugly, and get really dusty really quickly. A Cheerful Pet Plant is probably the most space-conscious solution for a quick pick-me-up that also doubles as a mini desktop garden. The egg planter includes everything to grow a small rye grass plant, so all that’s required of you is some water from the office cooler and a little space for some organic cheer. Give them a funky ‘do or let their grass hair grow wild like the wind! But don’t think of them as mocking you with their endless cheer; it’s their job to smile, so let them do theirs while you do yours!

3. Garden Tool Pens


Sure, you could stock your office garden with poofy, flowery pens, but then you’d also have to buy some oversized pencils and scented markers, and maybe even a teddy bear while you’re at it. With a Garden Tool Pen Set, you can pretend you’re at home, with your thriving vegetable buddlings, eager to catch the sun just as much as you are to pluck them from their homes and eat them. Ahh, the food chain. Grab a trowel, rake, pitch fork, or cultivator and get to work so you can get home to your hoe– the gardening tool, that is.

4. Desk Daisy Paperclip Holder

desk-daisy paper clip holder desk spring

Okay, okay, we’ll grant you might not want to advertise a green thumb if you’ve basically got gangrene when it comes to gardening. No worries: plant a Desk Daisy and watch it grow effortlessly! Or not grow because it’s not real! Whatever the case, the paperclip holder imitates that quintessentially cute flower, but with much more function: each petal is a paperclip! So does the boss love you or love you not? We might argue that every pull of a paperclip petal for that growing mound of paperwork means s/he love you NOT. Uh, but at least the Desk Daisy brings a quick smile to a sad situation!

5. USB Zen Garden

USB Zen Garden

WELL, you might be considering introducing a natural element into your office accessory collection that is a little more sophisticated or relaxing. The USB Zen Garden meets both criteria with a USB-powered waterfall that trickles enough every few seconds to tilt the bamboo stalk below over and spill. Listen to the light pattering of water from level to level and lose yourself, even if momentarily, to regain that clear mind that keeps you from taking out your frustration on unsuspecting passersby. Pair it with a few meditative breaths, and notice what a difference that bit of nature made to your attitude and pace. Good, yes?

Don’t frown at us just because we’re so chipper about spring! The season is ripe with new horizons and opportunities, and just remember: it might seem like you’re the only bit of life your desk or workspace has, but it’s easy to change your environment (and your mood) with little colorful office accessories and nature-inspired desk toys!

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3 comments on “Sprucing Up Your Office for Spring

  1. Sharon
    April 30, 2013

    i think i need a lil fish or frog friend for my desk…


  2. Patricia
    May 1, 2013

    I want a couple of the cheerful plant pets for my desk! Boy does my desk need a little something.


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