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Let’s Get “Up There”: It’s 4/20!


Puff, puff, give, toke ’til you choke, blazin’ up: whatever you call it, April 20th, or 4/20, is here, and buds everywhere will share bud with a variety of methods, from crushed soda cans to decorative glass tabletop fixtures. Hey, we don’t condone drug activities, and we’re not saying we’ve smoked up ourselves (because we haven’t –shifty eyes–), but we also know people enjoy weird holidays; 4/20 might qualify as one. Rather than ignore an opportunity to celebrate, we’ve sifted through the aromatic smoke to find some rather interesting items that remind us of our youth– uhh, if we smoked up, that is. Grab the Visine and let’s do this!– get to our list, we mean.

1. LIT! Candles

Birthday Candles

What?? No, not those type of lit birthday candles. THESE kind, he he he:

LIT! Candles

LIT! Candles joint shaped candles

Is 4/20 your birthday? It is?? Well, have one on us– err, by that we mean a LIT! Candle set. Birthday candles shaped like a doobie are quite a blunt idea for a gift. Haha! Get it? We made a toke joke. Now blow out some smoke– uhh, we mean candles– and make a wish…

2. Digit Cake Molds

Digital Cake Molds

Now for a cake to match your birthday candles… How about a Digit Cake Mold? Cake molds shaped like digital numbers easily form retro digital numbers (420, perhaps?), and each mold is also microwavable in case your friend cannabis made an early visit today. Is it no one’s birthday on 4/20? Well, geez, do you really need a reason for cake?? And should you decide to add a “special” ingredient, go easy: too much will make you so sick you’ll want to die, like this cop who called 911 after eating a special brownie.

3. Pot Holder

pot holder weed leaf trivet

Who needs a Pot Holder when you’ve got your hand? Get it? Ha ha ha. Dang, we’re funny. Now where were we… This literal item does exactly what it says it will: silicone protects your hands from getting burned while handling hot foods like extra tasty baked goods (we’re thinking brownies). Don’t fear the reefer: it’ll actually help you.

The Dude

Nobody calls me Lebowski. I’m the Dude, man!

Ahh, and now that you and your pals get to sit down and enjoy special brownies or birthday cake celebrating the day, check out a weed-themed stoner comedy or two:

We’re not saying go out and smoke a whole ounce of bud all on your own. We recognize the drug problem in the country as well as the various research suggesting marijuana as a gateway drug– but hey, it is National Humor Month after all. You don’t need to be leveled to have a good laugh. And remember, kids, all actions have consequences:

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2 comments on “Let’s Get “Up There”: It’s 4/20!

  1. Sharon
    April 22, 2013

    haha. “That rug really tied the room together, did it not? “


  2. Deneen
    May 20, 2014

    It’s actually a cool and useful piece of information. I’m glad
    that you shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us up to date like
    this. Thank you for sharing.


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