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Things You Never Knew Existed: Third Time’s A Charm

It's here!

It’s here!

It lives again: the latest installment of Things You Never Knew Existed! They say the first time something happens, it’s just an incident. The second time, a coincidence. If it happens a third time, it’s a pattern. We have definitely taken notice of the abyss of unusual gifts and objects flooding the market, and we present once again those products that will make you cringe, cry, laugh, or frown– or at the very least, make you say, “What the heck is that?!”

1. Inflatable Moose Head

Inflatable Moose Head

Some people are just creeped out by dead animal heads hanging idly on a wall, their marble eyes just following you around the room like those pictures of Jesus. Wipe those beads of sweat away from your forehead: the Inflatable Moose Head has the novelty minus the carcass! YES, an inflatable vinyl animal head that tacks to any wall. Classy, yet understated. Casual, yet chic. Exquisite, yet simple. Perfect for the frat house and nursery alike!

2. Morse Code Clock

Morse Code Clock

Like the dying technology of the landline phone, morse code is becoming more and more obsolete. You might not even know what morse code is. The Morse Code Clock captures the simplicity of the communicative code in an attractive and playful design. Don’t even think about counting the number of lines or dots to give you the time: morse code is incredibly intricate, and if you’re not already familiar with a clock face, well, you’re on your own here.

3. Lego Calendar

Lego Calendar

Nothing says work like a calendar, and nothing says fun like Legos. What happens, then, when you get a Lego Calendar? Does one cancel out the other and leave you with just numbered plastic blocks that hurt like hell to step on? Whatever the case, Legos are just danged cool, reminding of us of days from our youth when the imagination was not confined to something work-related but only to how much time we had until bedtime or until a bullying brother destroyed the delicate block creation. Resentment aside, working with a puzzle toy like this actually fosters your cognitive functioning and helps relieve some stress. Oh, did we mention it’s also a desk calendar?? Just take it apart and rebuild it come next month.

What will become on the next installment in this blog series? Will you gasp and shout with excitement, “I want that!” Or will you shake your finger and proclaim, “This is the devil!” Will you have nightmares or dreams? Will we ever know why people love wacky things? Will we ever witness the day when bacon will become president? We leave you now until the next full moon, when we present even more unique gifts and weird products in Things You Never Knew Existed!

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One comment on “Things You Never Knew Existed: Third Time’s A Charm

  1. latelyleslie
    April 19, 2013

    I would categorize the Inflatable Moose Head under “Vegan Home Decor” ;p


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