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……….: A Post for Blank DIY Items












Yes, all that space was completely intentional: today’s post features items that embrace the DIY trend! We’re not talking about building something with the grandeur of the Vatican out of cardboard, glitter glue, and some twine, either. These DIY products come already assembled, but unlike other similar items, these ones feature blank surfaces for the ultimate in customization. Let’s face it: why would you want to sport someone else’s logo or brand when you can strut with your own swagger, display your own doodles, and flaunt your own fashion? A blank space might scare some, but not us– and not you! Fill in the blanks of these _______ DIY goods!

1. Blank DIY Mighty Wallet

DIY Mighty Wallet

You should really consider drawing a cape on the Blank DIY Mighty Wallet because the everything-resistant blank wallet is like a superhero in its own category! As featured in a previous post on Dynomighty Wallets, the secret strength of the Mighty Wallet lies in its Tyvek material and origami design– and because we know you’re wondering, Tyvek is the same water- and tear-resistant material used in express mail envelopes. And if you’re still wondering, yes, Tyvek makes an excellent surface for creating a unique and personalized design! Check out the Dynomighty DIY Mighty Wallet Contest’s winning design for a little inspiration and maybe a challenge (note: the winner used a Sharpie, acrylic, watercolor, and ink, so there’s no excuse to not create something rivaling Rembrandt):

Mighty Wallet Contest

2. La Sardina Lomography DIY Camera

La Sardina


La Sardina pictures

Sometimes, even our electronics get boring with their gray or black exteriors, dull and expected. Even when they come in different colors, they still lack that personal pizzazz that they could have. The La Sardina Lomography DIY Camera materializes the potential of a great-looking camera with equally great-looking pictures to boot!  The 35mm wide-angle camera uses a shape inspired by the sardine can to provide really awesome retro-looking photographs, and the customizable surface can handle drawing, painting, and even gluing!

3. Paper Watch

Paper Watch

The Many Faces of the DIY Paper Watch

So were you amazed at the ultra-high-tech watches featured in our techie post not long ago? So were we, but sometimes it’s back to the basics that can also impress enough to make it to your super-exclusive want list. The Paper Watch is another wonder that uses Tyvek as a blank canvas for… well, whatever you want! Jot a note, make a cheat sheet, honor the lyrics of your fave tune– and don’t worry about being a grown-up with a digital watch!

4. DIY Cone Bird House

Cone Bird House

How ironic it would be to design it to look like a wooden bird house.

Hey, even birds get bored with wood boxes for homes! We think. Even if they don’t, you might, so grab yourself a white Cone Bird House and pimp that perch! Composed of a recycled colorfasted, stain- and mold/mildew-resistant plastic, the DIY bird house includes a black Sharpie to get you started with blingin’ up the treehouse. Tweet, tweet, holla!

5. DIY Calculator


Yes, even students and nerds get some DIY luvin’ with a DIY Calculator! With a lined paper design mocking the need for long division, the solar-powered calculator comes completely blank— no numbers, symbols, or characters of any sort. You add all the character to it, but just in case you forget where everything is, use the included template to at least get the familiar face down. Then doodle in the margins or “pass notes” to a coworker, kind of like what you did in your high school algebra class.

DIY and us: it’s a love affair, and with the endless designs, patterns, and illustrations our discombobulated minds can muster, we think it’s a match made in ____ heaven. And when they come constructed by a professsional, you can focus your effort and creativity into the design and not in the quality, and that means we need not worry about following instructions or even a plan. Blank DIY items have no rules, boundaries, or conditions, kind of like spring break, and to that, we _____!

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4 comments on “……….: A Post for Blank DIY Items

  1. Sharon
    April 12, 2013

    i have a bunch of blank ponies (MLP) that I occasionally will design. I did a Walking Dead one and a Divine one. DIY is the way to be! 🙂


    • latelyleslie
      April 12, 2013

      whoa! I want to see a tranny Divine pony!


      • sharoanypony79
        April 16, 2013

        lemme take a pic tonight. my camera is kinda ancient but it’s something you gotta see!


  2. kevin
    April 16, 2013

    fantastic products for creative people


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