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Tickle Yer Funny Bone: April is National Humor Month


Nuk nuk nuk, hardy har har, LOL, hahaha: however you laugh, now is the time to let out a huge gut-busting guffaw because April is National Humor Month. It all starts with April Fools’ Day and continues with hilarious holidays like International Fun at Work Day (also April 1– go figure), Blah, Blah, Blah Day (April 17th, AKA 2Shopper Blog Day), and Don’t Go to Work Unless it’s Fun Day (April 3– and perhaps a conspiracy from bosses everywhere). Every day this month can have a little bit of giggles, chuckles, and snickers with the right tools and, of course, the right timing. So watch out, Grumpy Cats everywhere, April just started and there’s stopping the laughs!

1. Lunch Bug Sandwich Bags


What’s funnier than a fake cockroach dropped down a blouse? A fake one on a sandwich bag! The bug on these Lunch Bug Sandwich Bags is actually printed on the bag for a number of benefits for the lunch carrier, primarily for a quick chuckle. Which entices a bigger chuckle, the bag or getting back at a careless coworker who never seems to read, depends entirely on you.

2. Googly Eyed Fridge Magnets

Googly Eyed Fridge Magnets

How about another cold chuckle? Take a gander at Googly Eyed Fridge Magnets— you know, because that magnetic poetry stuff is just not funny. Plus, pets and people are just so much more tolerable to look at when they’ve got cartoon eyes bulging out of their skulls.

3. Borrow My Pen Setborrow my pen fred friends


Take that, coworker-who-never-returns-my-good-pen-and-then-offers-it-to-me-when-I-need-one!! A Borrow My Pen set really sticks it to that subconscious klepto who just can’t seem to return office pens after using them. Slyly slide them a pen labeled “Springfield Sexual Addiction Center: From PERV to PERFECT in as little as 10 days. Curbing your enthusiasm since 1998” or “Verdant Fields Nudiest Camp: Get in touch with your OUTER self! Enjoy ping pong, volleyball and our famous bottomless buffet” and get an inner giggle with a little vengeance. Just make sure you’re around to overhear someone ask, “Um, so… what did you do this weekend?”

4. Splat Stan Coaster


Look out below!!– whoops, too late. Once an orange dude, now a Splat Stan Coaster. Don’t cry for him, though: he sure makes good use of your desk space, and with classic X’s over the eyes, the desk coaster is the quintessential reminder of old cartoons involving anvils, falling pianos, and, of course, small signs stating “Help!”

5. Gay Bar

Gay Bar

Besides that it’s a great crack on an infamous soap bar from a little movie called Fight Club, what do we say about a Gay Bar, really? Lather up with the soap bar because a clean body is a happy body! Geez, what did you think the “gay” in Gay Bar meant?


6. Squirrel Mask

creepy Squirrel Mask

Let’s go scare some kids with a Squirrel Mask! Who doesn’t like to laugh a heinous laugh from children who will have nightmares for weeks from your funny mask? Maybe we should add a “Muwhaha” to the list of laughs at the beginning, then. There’s always the option of replaying that creepy scene from the Shining (shudders). Or you could just dip your feet into the wonderful world of furries.

7. Eye Spy Telescope Peephole

Eye Spy telescope peephole door sticker

I spy with my little Eye Spy Telescope Peephole… something that sticks on a door! The door decal fits over your door peephole. Who knows, you might actually want to be bothered by solicitors or religious lecturers just for the chance to look through this! (Wanna hear something really funny? I really thought this thing amplified the peephole. Sigh.)

Ahh, so many reasons why we love National Humor Month– I mean, have you seen the kind of stuff we sell on the website?!? Sheesh! Besides, it’s no secret that laughter is the best medicine, and for good reason: laughing releases feel-good endorphins and helps to relieve stress. Plus, people who laugh often tend to live healthier, more fulfilling lives than those who don’t. AND, a hearty good laugh works your abs and shoulders, too! AND, no one looks attractive with a frown. Except Grumpy Cat. Who might still laugh at these gag gifts! Maybe.

keep laughing

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2 comments on “Tickle Yer Funny Bone: April is National Humor Month

  1. sharoanypony79
    April 11, 2013

    i laugh like Edna Krabappel. HA! Usually when someone falls. falling is one of my all time favorites!


  2. kevin
    April 16, 2013

    haha, the cat is cute!


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