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Dino-mite! Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Jurassic Park


I had a crapload of these things.

I had a crapload of these things.

Duh-nuh-nuh nuh-nuh, duh-nuh-nuh nuh-nuh… Okay, possibly the worst impression ever of the Jurassic Park theme song (text never goes well with song), but it’s only because we’re roaring over the 20th anniversary and 3-D rerelease on April 5th of that famous dino movie from the 90’s. I recall being a young’un in complete awe at the prospect of living dinosaurs roaming the planet at the same time we are. Sure, in the end it goes horribly, horribly wrong, but just the thought of it all really sparked the imagination and curiosity of both the public and the science community. Plus, it was a magical time for us kids and everything Jurassic Park: pogs, video games, Barbasol cans that were safes… Who knew that that famously terrifying scene of the cup of rippling water would come right back at us 20 years later– how could we not celebrate with dinosaur-themed products to get us runnin’ into the dinosaurs, thrills, and tension of Jurassic Park?!

1. Fossil Food Cupcake Molds

Fossil-Food-Dinosaur-Cupcake-Mold_9907-lVeggie-saurus or not, everyone loves a good cupcake, and when they’re served up in Fossil Food Cupcake Molds, everyone satisfies their sweet tooth and their dream of being a famous paleontologist like Dr. Alan Grant! Every silicone mold has a dinosaur fossil just waiting to be discovered at the bottom. They’re not the living, breathing versions from the film, but it’s probably better that way:

T-rex jurrasic park objects closer than they appear

2. Pastasaurus Spaghetti Server


Munch on pasta, not people, with a big helping thanks to your Pastasaurus Spaghetti Server— though we might add that spaghetti sauce spilling out of the dinosaur server’s mouth is kinda like it’s chomping on guts… *cough* Appetizing enough? Imagine how ironic this pasta server would be had it been the only hanging utensil in the kitchen restaurant when Timmy and Lex were being hunted by two Raptors:

Scared Timmy jurassic park

3. Fossiliced Dinosaur Ice Cubes

Fossiliced dinosaur ice tray

Like the chill you feel with every roar in the distance, Fossiliced Dinosaur Ice Cubes frost drinks with bone-shaped ice from a dinosaur silicone ice tray. Dug up and cleaned, the ice cubes remind us of an era lost and that we’re safe from hungry, carnivorous prehistoric beasts… for now. No matter how many fossil ice cubes you drop in your drink, though, nothing compares to the chill from hearing the rattling and screeching from one of these guys:


4. 3-D Dino Cookies3D-Dino-Cookie-Cutters-1

How could we commemorate Jurassic Park in 3-D without 3-D Dino Cookies? Cut and bake dinosaur shapes and piece them together like they’re going on display in the Jurassic Park visitor center. Don’t worry, there’s no cookie monsters like this to be anticipated:

JP Banner

5. Vocabulary Didn’t Save the Thesaurus T-Shirt


Think you’re as good with english as Ian Malcom is with math? Sport a Thesaurus T-Shirt: “Having great vocabulary didn’t save the Thesaurus from extinction/ eradication/ extirpation”. Or you could always sport all-black like Malcolm or a denim shirt like Dr. Grant to the 3-D movie showing, which would be acceptable because you won’t look like a crazy-obsessed geek:

Jurassic Park

We can’t wait to go elbow to elbow with other movie goers and adorn our cheap 3-D glasses for the rerelease of Jurassic Park, and we’re gonna use our dinosaur items to keep us excited, anxious, and ready for goosebumps and jumps. Oh, and if anyone has EVER beaten Jurassic Park on Game Boy, please inform me: I was convinced as a child that it was as impossible as a dinosaur-themed park.

JP Sega

SE-GA! (You’ll get it if you played it!)

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2 comments on “Dino-mite! Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Jurassic Park

  1. sharoanypony79
    April 11, 2013

    man i feel old. saw this in the theater when i was 12. “What’s the matter, kid, you never had lamb chops?”


    • Super Sasha
      April 12, 2013

      I can’t believe it’s been 20 years myself. I feel like a fossil.


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