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Slammin’ Door Stops

Does anybody else detest the sound of a door slamming shut? It can be startling when you’re at home alone, or very disruptive at the workplace. If you’re a college student living in a dorm, you probably do what most of your floormates do and leave your door open for optimum socializing. Door stops can be of great help in these cases, yet they are one of the most underrated household and office items around. Could it be that they are so small and boring, hardly anyone ever notices them? That would my guess, and guess what: there’s a new kind of door stop in town. Say hello to some slammin’ cool, funny, and creative door stops to keep your doors open and kiss the boring stuff goodbye!

First stop,we’ve got a real keeper with James Doorman by Black + Blum. James is the perfect gentleman for holding the door open for you at any time.

Black + Blum  Doorstop: James Doorman

Who ever said chivalry was dead?

Another dutiful dude is the Home Guard Green Army Man door stop by Suck UK. Perfectly scaled and extra heavy, these toy soldiers are available as bookends too!

Suck UK Doorstop Toy Soldiers

Next, channel your inner superhero with a Kikkerland Stop Doorstop that features a classic comic book style and superhero strength anti-slip grip.

Kikkerland Stop Doorstop

If you’re up for it, splurge on a Roller Stop to use as a door stop and/or bookend. Or, you can just admire the iconic roller skate that comes in 4 different colors.

Roller skate Stop Door Stop

Anyone a fan of The Wizard of Oz? If you are, this Red Ruby Slippers Door Stop would be right up your alley. Makes for a great Wizard of Oz collectible!

The Wizard of Oz Red Ruby Slippers Doorstop - Wicked Witch

If you haven’t had enough of feet, check out this hilarious Doorstopper Foot from Present Time. It’s perfect for anyone with a sense of humor.

Doorstopper Foot

Getting your foot in the door has never been this funny.

Next, go for a fun twist on a typical wedge door stop with the Swiss Cheese Door Stop. Add a nice pop of color to any room without attracting any mice!

Swiss Cheese Door Stop

Talk about some strong cheese!

Fool a few visitors by planting a Scoops! Soft Serve door stop at your door and see  how your friends and coworkers react. I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot of “Aww”‘s at the sight of fallen ice cream. This door stop is so cute, they’ll get over the initial sadness in no time!

Scoops Ice Cream Door Stop

Speaking of pranks, this item will surely catch anyone’s attention–a Dollar Money Door Stopper. See how many double-takes people do when they walk through your door.

Dollar Money Door Stopper

They say money makes the world go ’round. Looks like it holds your door open too.

Now here’s the key to keeping doors open, a J-Me Key Doorstop. Prop this oversized rubber key under your door. Just don’t try to shove it into a keyhole; we’re pretty sure that won’t work!

J-Me Key Doorstop

For a more natural kind of door stop, try an Autumn Leaf Door Stop that’s shaped like, well, a leaf. This product grabs onto all types of surfaces, like wood, carpet, tile, stone, concrete, and linoleum, and it’s 100% recyclable!

Autumn Leaf Door Stop

And lastly, shoot for destination: under your door with Fred and Friends’ Last Stop Airplane Door Stop. Airplane mission: stop door and wall collision, check!

 LAST STOP Airplane Doorstop

Now with some worthwhile door stops, we can all go about our lives without any more annoying door slams. Bring on the uninterrupted peacefulness!

2 comments on “Slammin’ Door Stops

  1. Sharon
    April 2, 2013

    OOO. Roller skates are cool. I really like the zombie ones. they’re all handmade:


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