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April Fools’ Day: Made Ya Look (At Our Blog)!

Ha ha

Only one day a year should you not accept gum, a pat on the back, or anything from a can from others, and that is April Fools’ Day. Many people embrace the holiday and go all out with unique gags, elaborate setups, and absurd amounts of invested time just to watch another squirm, panic, jump, or otherwise get confused. poisson_avril782136Though there’s no certain origin for the weird holiday, gags and pranks have marked April 1st since the 1700s. Unofficially, though, April Fools’ Day might have begun with the calender change from the Julian system to the Gregorian one, and those who still celebrated the old New Year’s (in the last week of March) had paper fish placed on their backs, a symbol of being just a gullible guppy.

Hand Buzzer

Gah, I hated these things!

Sure, April Fools’ gags (and everyday pranks) have become so grand, sometimes a bit mean, and, might we add, hilarious, but there’s something to be said about the simplicity of a chuckle from watching someone’s disgust over grabbing a sticky doorknob or some other simple prank. After scouring the net over, we’ve narrowed down some of our favorite, less time-costly April Fools’ pranks to add those secret snickers up for some deep-gutted laughter!

  • OrajelSprinkle salt on your victim’s toothbrush. Nuff said.
  • Rub Orajel on the tips of someone’s cigarettes for a numbingly cool smoking experience.
  • Sew up the leg holes of your victim’s undies.
  • Here’s one to play on your elders who are technologically challenged: change the screensaver on a computer to display a scrolling message from a “ghost” who needs their help. Watch from beyond the screen as their curious looks go sour for a horrified frown! (P.S. Based on a true story!)
  • Defrost Confetti april fools prank gag jokeThe classic confetti defroster prank: fill a car defroster with colored confetti or paper (NOT strips of paper) and stand by as the victim unknowingly creates a party in his/ her car upon starting. Or…
  • Place a balloon over the tailpipe of his/ her car, and s/he will get a loud, unexpected pop when starting the vehicle.
  • Another April Fools’ classic: glue a coin down to a busy walkway.
  • Spread peanut butter (or better yet, crunchy peanut butter or Nutella) on a wad of toilet paper. Go to a stall next to an occupied one and while you’re “busy”, drop it towards the other stall with an apologetic “Oops! My bad!”
  • Talking TPRecord a personal message with a Talking TP toilet roll holder. Every pull plays back your message or sound effects of your choice!
  • One of my favorite gags: drop a bucket of cold water on a victim taking a shower. Ahhh. More like, “Ahhhhhh!”
  • Use a Holy Toast stamper on a loved one for a very religiously nutritious breakfast.

    Holy Toast

    Holier Than Thou’s Breakfast

  • Reset a victim’s alarm clock for an obscenely awful time– think 3am– and then hide it somewhere.
  • Pressed for time? Turn the showerhead towards the door or curtain for a fully-clothed bath.
  • Add some food coloring to milk in a carton. Nothing does the body better than green milk.
  • Serve up some Onion Surprise, aka caramel-covered onions on a stick. Who doesn’t love a little junk food every now and then?
  • Balloon PrankIs it a coworker’s birthday? No? Well, too bad for someone: s/he gets a cubicle filled with balloons just because you care.

One of my favorite April Fools’ pranks? Taping plastic wrap across a door frame at night. It has yet to work, however. Got a favorite April Fools’ memory? We’d love to hear about it!……


No, actually, we really would like to hear your April Fools’ stories.

Sources: April Fools’ tradition popularized, 50 Easy April Fools’ Pranks to Play on Your Friends, Classic Pranks

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2 comments on “April Fools’ Day: Made Ya Look (At Our Blog)!

  1. Sharon
    April 1, 2013

    in theory i like the joking. but in my own head i get too mean. i want to call my mom and tell her im getting married. then laugh and say april fools!


  2. Mel N
    April 2, 2013

    I do see people banging into my office glass doors every now and then. They are just too squeaky clean and invisible, kudos to the contract cleaners lol.

    And I thought rubber snakes on the girls were a good scare…


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