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Things We Love: mypressi TWIST Handheld Espresso Maker


You know you’ve heard it before: if you made your morning coffee at home, imagine how much money you’d save. Four bucks a day, five days a week, four weeks a month. You do the math. We did, and if you saved money from two months’ worth of morning coffee, you’d have enough to easily make those lattes and Americanos within minutes with an ingenious tool called the mypressi TWIST. The handheld espresso machine first launched in 2009 and earned the Product of the Year award in the Coffee/ Tea Preparation category that same year at the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Annual Exposition. Since then, similar espresso makers have been developed, but just like everything else, nothing is better than the original. 


The TWIST, opened to display the coffee basket

So how does this fantastic contraption work? Just like with larger espresso machines, the TWIST uses compression to apply pressure to a small coffee holder inside the handheld device. Because it lacks electricity, a water bowl in the machine must be preheated with boiling water– which takes a whole 15 seconds. After dumping the bowl, a coffee basket with your grounds simply sits inside the bowl. When the water bowl is filled with new boiling water, simply press a trigger and out streams fresh espresso. Sounds too easy? This might be a rare case where it actually is that easy. Take a look! (Notice the SCAA award lounging in the background!)

What's in the box

What’s in the box

Pleasantly surprising, yes? The TWIST includes several items to get you started: pressure capsules, coffee basket, even a coaster during use! The mypressi website also offers accessories that allow you to expand your drink-making options. The milk frother from the video above is up for grabs (no, it’s not included with the box set– sad face) as well as different spouts (like a double-spouted bowl for making two espresso shots) and replacement parts. While we adore the portability and ease of the TWIST, we might gripe about having to purchase extra tools for making drinks besides single shots of espresso. But considering that the cost won’t deplete your grocery money for the week, it’s not a bad sacrifice for eliminating work tardiness because the line at the Starbucks was just plain evil. Plus, mypressi constantly improves on the design (where the TWIST is just the latest) and new attachments that are completely compatible with all versions of the espresso maker!

The mypressi TWIST handheld espresso machine can be a timesaver on work mornings or the most convenient method for having a high-quality espresso or espresso-infused drink at home. A pricey, frivolous gadget? Perhaps. SO worth not having to go anywhere for a great espresso…ever? Oh yea.

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