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Fun Easter Gifts and Party Items For All!

Scary Easter Bunny

Oh, traumatic childhood memories…

Easter: one of the few holidays where parents don’t mind placing their children on the lap of a stranger in a costume. As a victim myself, I recall memories from my youth of wearing the most extravagantly ruffled dress I’d ever seen and being pushed into the arms of someone without a face in– of all places– the mall. Then there was the added embarrassment of crying in front of strangers and looky-loos who just moments before openly admired my Easter outfit; now they just pitied me. Anyways, enough mini-therapy, Easter is still a magical time for youngsters with fantastical creatures, gifts, and fine outfits that act as a clear reminder of the nearly-halfway point til next Christmas. Whether you might have enjoyed the Easter egg hunts, painting Easter eggs, finding money or small toys in plastic Easter eggs, or munching on bunny-shaped chocolate or chocolate-covered marshmallows, Easter holds memories both good and bad. Just because you’re too old to sit and scream on someone’s lap at a mall kiosk doesn’t mean you– and we!– still can’t have some fun with it. Today, we present alternative Easter gifts for the young and old alike, for Easter festivities large and small, and with family, friends, or coworkers!

1. Bunny Bottle Opener

Bunny Bottle Opener

Granted that it reminds us of Frank the Rabbit from Donnie Darko, this Bunny Bottle Opener is still a festive detail for an Easter party! While the kiddies are out fetching plastic eggs in the yard, the adults can enjoy watching them scavenge and falter from bush to bush and tree to tree, all while nursing a cold brewskie in one hand and pointing there and over there with the other. Mount the bottle opener to the wall inside or out to keep those drinks flowing!

2. Rabbit Ears Salad Servers

Rabbit Ears Salad Servers

Look, kids! What’s that in the Easter salad? Rabbit Ears Salad Servers! These plastic salad servers bring some of the holiday celebration to a table without cluttering it up like a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Place them strategically in your Field Greens Salad Bowl for a small celebratory feast that even the Easter bunny managed to make it to!

3. HATCHED! Egg Ice Tray

Hatched Egg Ice Tray

Another Easter party idea fit for all ages is the HATCHED! Egg Ice Tray. Easter eggs made of ice chill iced teas for children and Long Island Iced Teas for adults. After water freezes in the molds of the silicone ice tray, simply squeeze the chicks to pop out a perfect uncracked egg ice cube every time. Try adding a little food coloring to each egg for a charming accessory even these abused chicks won’t mind!

4. Rabbit Veggie Shapers

Rabbit Veggie Shapers

Rabbit Veggie Shapers

Veggie Shapers How-To

Got a picky young eater at the Easter dinner table? No worries: hand that brat some Rabbit Veggie Shapers so vegetables don’t look like vegetables! Slice up some very appropriate carrots and push the molds through. Have the kids assemble them for a little distraction before eating– a perfect method for getting them to eat healthy stuff before they shovel dozens of chocolate eggs down their throats!

5. Rabbit Egg Shapers

Rabbit Egg Shapers

And hey, while you’re at it, get them kids to snack on leftover boiled eggs with Rabbit Egg Shapers! Just press the egg into the mold and out peeks a cute, smiling rabbit head! So what if it’s just a head! Hide them inside your Easter salad bowl from above and secretly cheer as they gobble up salad, rabbit-shaped carrots, and rabbit-head-shaped eggs! Nothing like a little deceit to get your way.

6. Egglings


Okay, Easter is over and now it’s time to wait to the next holiday for some festivities and fun. Except you handed out Egglings this year to your adult partygoers, so now Easter last for many more Sundays! At first, an Eggling might seem like a weird joke to play: crack the top of the shell and you get… dirt. What the heck. (Like handing out unpainted eggs to adults for Easter wasn’t weird enough.) Ah, but just water your dirt-filled egg and place somewhere sunny, and soon you’ll observe a tiny sprouting plant! Choose from a variety of herbs, flowers, or edibles like wild strawberry or lavender.

7. Desk Egg

Desk Egg

Another clever desk accessory is the magnetic Desk Egg, a paperclip holder that even includes 50 gold paperclips for the perfect attractive nest that even Willy Wonka’s geese would be jealous of!

And, just for kicks, try your hand at making confetti eggs!

Confetti Eggs

Look at us, ma, we’re making a mess!

When all is said and done, Easter is not just a made-up Hallmark holiday– well, it kind of is– it’s an opportunity to gather with friends and family to create memories and enjoy special activities that would otherwise be unsuitable any other day of the year. Oh, and it’s also a good time to scare the bejesus out of children for no apparent reason. Happy Easter!

Another Scary Easter Bunny

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4 comments on “Fun Easter Gifts and Party Items For All!

  1. latelyleslie
    March 27, 2013

    I never realized how much that bottle opener looks like that creepy Donnie Darko rabbit! Wowee this reminds me of how all my emails and screenames were ‘Grandma Death’ in high school. I should probably check them for chain letters haha.


  2. Sharon
    March 29, 2013

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