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Redecorating Ideas to Brighten Your Home or Office for Spring

There is a remarkable beauty about spring that generally gives people a sense of renewal and positivity. It’s the season of life, when flowers begin to blossom, when the grass is greenest, and when birds come out to sing. To make your surroundings match the beauty of spring and exude the energy of the season, redecorate your house, apartment, or office with some colorful accents and floral designs. We’ve found some fun ideas that are simple and effective. Take a gander below and tell us what you think!

Start by awakening your senses with splashes of color in unexpected places around you. Some of the easiest and most effortless measures you can take are: adding bright patterned pillows to your couches and chairs, throwing down colorful rugs in otherwise bland areas, or mixing new vibrant pieces of furniture with your existing setup.

Bold Graphic Pillows

Pillows are a quick and inexpensive way to rejuvenate any room. Pick designs with rich and bright colors to create a look of variation.

Rich, Eye-Catching Rugs

Instead of having to paint a wall, you can introduce a nice pop of color just about anywhere with a rug. Choose a vibrant design, or pick more neutral subdued colors featuring a bold graphic if you prefer a more subtle look.

Bright Floral Rug

Neutral Floral Rug

Fresh Furniture

A new color or pattern can make such a difference when you want to freshen up your surroundings. If you’ve got old pieces of furniture, consider painting them with some tips from

Yellow Accented Chairs

A Colorful Surprise!

Here’s something you may not have seen before–light switch and socket covers! Decorate even the most mundane parts of your home or office and switch it up with these cool designs by New Face and Slightly Smitten Kitten.

New Face Socket Covers

Slightly Smitten Kitten Citron Yellow Light Switch Plate Cover

Check out all the other designs here!

DIY Floral Creations

For the more hands-on individuals out there, find inspiration to make your own decorative pieces. Get ready for some wild project ideas that scream “SPRING!”

Framed Ferns

Create some easy, inexpensive, unique wall art with flattened fern fronds or other plants from your garden. See the step-by-step instructions to framed ferns by Centsational Girl for more inspiration.


3D Flower Wallpaper

This 3D flower wallpaper was created by Front, a Swedish design team. Do it yourself by tacking down artificial flowers vertically down your wall with tape or cable tacks from your local hardware store.


Floral Roller Blinds

Accustomed to plain sheets of white vinyl as your roller blinds? Bore no more! Try sewing your own fabric blinds with these steps, and you could have a total window makeover in just one afternoon!

Floral Lampshade

Update your lamps with some handmade lampshades with just some fabric, double sided fabric tape, scissors, a metal lampshade frame, and a needle and thread–no sewing machine needed!

Spring is a time for fun, so have fun redecorating! Hopefully you came across some ideas that piqued your interest. We’d love to hear if you did!

4 comments on “Redecorating Ideas to Brighten Your Home or Office for Spring

  1. Sharon
    March 22, 2013

    OOOO! I really like the lampshade idea! I wonder if you would have to get flame retardant fabric?
    Also I need to get like a ton of these:
    Haha. All over my house.
    I’ve heard of the DIY lightplate with modge podge but I’m not sure of the quality..


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  3. Ma
    July 2, 2013

    I am beginning redecorating my house and love the ideas! I really want new
    sofa sets
    for my basement and family room first and then want to design from there!


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