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March Madness Madness!


Double the madness! March Madness is here once again for all college basketball enthusiasts to connect with others through cheering, yelling, and eating junk! What the heck is March Madness, you ask? Tsk, tsk. Let’s take you to school: 68 college basketball teams (men’s and women’s) compete for several weeks for the ultimate title of…

Winner. Yes, it’s that grand.

Besides the excitement of the sport (and many gambling opportunities it brings), college basketball has an unpredictability to it that the professional leagues lack (which may or may not work in favor of gambling opportunities). Many of the players don’t have the popularity of major league players so their moves and methods tend to surprise and thrill, and games often have last-second points scored (sometimes for both teams!) that extend the game to nail-biting heights. And this year, March Madness celebrates its 75th anniversary. What better way to commemorate the start of the competition on March 19th than decorate and masticate with a basketball-themed party!

The First Four: Party Decor

Before the four worst teams in the sport compete for the last available spots in March Madness, you should start contemplating ways to recreate that tense, exciting atmosphere found among the crowd at the games. Don’t worry, we’ve done some preliminary research for you!

1. Inflatable Basketball Cooler

Basketball Cooler

Nothin’ but net! An Inflatable Basketball Cooler keeps drinks cool while lookin’ cool, too! Make sure you stock up on Gatorade, Powerade, and other “-ade” sports drinks– oh, why not, throw in some beers, too!

2. Double Shot Pourer

Double Shot

Come now, you know we had to shove in something alcohol-related. For those guests who prefer to double dribble, there’s the Double Shot, two chrome-covered shot pourers with a special feature that keep precious liquids from spilling all over the place. A double-ball bearing mechanism prevents spilling from shot to shot, so now every shot in the game (score or miss) can get accompanied by either a victory or sympathy swig. Go team, go!

3. Team Flags and Banners


Display your First Four favorite with a banner or flag in the team’s honor! The team banner also works to mark the house where March Madness is in session.

4. 10-Gallon Igloo Beverage Cooler

Igloo march madness

Yes! Your team claimed the last spot in the competition! Woot! Now watch your back because your friends might just feel the urge to dump a 10-Gallon Igloo Beverage Cooler full of ice water onto the host! Or you could wear a referee’s outfit and call it a foul. Toot that whistle!

The Final Four: Food and More

Before we reach the final four teams from which the last two teams will compete for the title, you best be munching on righteous snacks, not gross fingernails. Serve up some snacks similar to what the stadium is offering (minus the hefty prices)!

1. Super Nachos

Super Nachos

You’re pretty much set with round or cylindrical food shapes; for starters, might we suggest a heaping plate of Super Nachos from Rachael Ray! Show off your hosting skills like a natural Harlem Globetrotter with cheese sauce, pico de gallo, and beef and bean topping– all from scratch– over tortilla rounds or blue and yellow chips. A triple threat position!

2. Sweet Heat Hot Dogs


Who needs ketchup and mustard when you can dunk a regular weenie into red cabbage, sweet hot pickles, and a homemade scorchin’ sauce? Sweet heat, indeed: your sauce uses mayonnaise, mustard, onion, and (my favorite) sriracha sauce for a combination that’ll put your palate on the defensive (in a good way)!

3. Screaming Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers


Okay, so this is neither round nor orange and black, but you can’t go wrong with jalapeno poppers and bacon at a party. Cream cheese and some spices fill munchtastic jalapenos, and handy bite-size pieces allow for a give-and-go between your guests. Shoots, he scores!

4. Basketball Cake

Basketball Cake

Okay, time for a cooldown postgame. Soothe achy taste buds with something obvious for the March Madness party, a basketball cake! The best part about it is its versatility: bake up any cake, top with M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces, and you’ve got a yummy, appealing basketball-party dessert.

Yes! A successful March Madness party, all thanks to you! (Or us, however you want to look at it). Now make sure to pass around the No. 1 Chef Mitt and some shots from your Double Shot pourer so everyone gets a turn to cheer in your honor!

No 1 Chef Mitt

Hooray to you, the host!

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2 comments on “March Madness Madness!

  1. Sharon
    March 22, 2013

    i really want those nachos!


  2. Dino pinson
    April 7, 2013

    Spot on with this write-up, I’ll probably be returning to read more, thanks for the information!


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