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The Walking Dead: Zombie-Mania Is Upon Us

What would you do if the world suddenly got overrun by thousands of hungry walking (and crawling and climbing) dead people? Would you run? Fight? Hide in a Costco warehouse where you’d have an awesome supply of food, batteries, restrooms, and a big heavy door to keep unwanted brain-eaters out? (Well, you can probably guess what my plan would be.)  Luckily for us all, a zombie apocalypse isn’t at our doorstep, and we don’t have to make the difficult decisions that zombie apocalypse survivors would unequivocally have to make. Instead, we get to sit back and watch what other people would do on AMC‘s The Walking Dead.

Ah, yes. A show full of blood, guts, dismembered body parts, and a bunch of dead guys…I just can’t get enough! And I’m not the only one — The Walking Dead is the most-watched drama series on basic cable for adults between the ages of 18 through 49. Just tune in and you’ll see why — the show’s dangerously addicting. Read on if you’re a Walking Dead fan or if you’re just really into the whole zombie-mania thing. I’d go out on a limb here and say they’re even bigger than the Beatles…but then again, maybe not. (You get the idea.)

Here’s a list of funny, scary, cute, and tasty (eyebrow raise) stuff inspired by none other than the undead to feed your insatiable zombie obsession:

1) Zombikeys Zombie Key Caps

zombikeys zombie key caps gama-go

Don’t be left for dead — avoid getting caught fumbling with your keys when zombies are right behind you. Stick these Zombikeys key caps over your keys and always be reminded that organization can be a real life saver!

2) Brain Freeze Ice Tray

Fred & Friends Brain Freeze Ice Tray

Mmm…brains!!! Now you can enjoy brains too with Fred & FriendsBrain Freeze ice tray.  This tray is made of durable silicone and produces 4 ice cubes in the shape of a brain. To make your brainy ice cubes more believable, just add fruit or food coloring!

3) Undead Teds

Undead Teds zombie teddy bears

Created by Phillip Blackman, Undead Teds are re-purposed plushy toys transformed into fluffy, bloody horrors to keep you awake at night. Is it just me or are they almost…cute?

4) Severed Hand Plushy

Severed Hand Plushy

Order a handmade plushy in the shape of a severed hand for some fun. It’s a lot less murder-y/going-to-jail than a real severed hand — that’s always a plus!

5) Zombie Doorstop

Zombie Doorstop

Here’s a doorstop sure to grab people’s attention. For those boring days at the office, give your coworkers a small scare when they pass by this creepy-looking crawler. At the very least, it’s a conversation starter.

6) Walking Dead Survival Kit T-Shirt

Walking Dead Survival Kit T-Shirt

Blood-stained graphics on a black cotton tee featuring the basic tools of surviving  a zombie apocalypse. Baseball bat, katana, pistol, crossbow…looks about right.

7) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Oh yeah. Take a classic beloved story of English literature and throw zombies into the mix? Genius. For those of you who passed on Jane Austen‘s book in high school, maybe it’s time to reconsider with this delightful remake!

8) Zombie Family Car Stickers

gama-go zombie family car stickers

Forget those boring family stickers you see on everyone else’s cars. Stand out and show your humorous side with these zombie stickers. Even the pets are undead!

9) Zombie Party Dessert Table Decorations

Zombie Party Dessert Table Decorations

This Walking Dead zombie apocalypse inspired party printable decor set is sure to send your party guests running…for their lives! Add a viral outbreak, some flesh eating undead, maybe some sweets and what do you get? Fun times, that’s what! Just order, print, and party!

10) Walking Dead Vinyl Figures

Walking Dead Vinyl Figures

Zombies? Cute? Whaa? It’s true…Check out your favorite characters from The Walking Dead as cute vinyl Pop! figures. Choose from Rick, Daryl, the Bicycle Girl, and the RV Walker, or collect them all!

11) Zombie Head Cookie Jar

Zombie Head Cookie Jar

What’s sweeter than brains? Cookies! Duh! See if this zombie head jar will be scary enough to keep your kids out of the cookie stash. (We seriously doubt it!)

12) Zombie Cupcake Topper

Zombie Cupcake Topper

Celebrate being alive with some zombie cupcake toppers. They’re a good reminder for us all to enjoy the sweet things in life…before it’s too late! Dun dun dun.

13) Zombie Apron

Zombie Apron

One of the biggest things that sets us apart from zombies is that we’re civilized and they’re not. Whereas they like to splatter guts all over themselves, we like to keep things a bit cleaner. Do just that with a zombie apron. This one (vegetarian zombie) is absolutely adorable. I chuckled as soon as I saw it!

14) The Walking Dead Cookies

Walking Dead Cookies

Decorate your cookies to look like Rick Grimes with these step-by-step instructions. They’re so cute you almost don’t want to eat them! But, of course, you do!

15) 5 Killer Beers for The Walking Dead (and Other Zombies)

killer beers walking dead

Check out this fun read about the perfect beers to go with surviving a zombie apocalypse. After all, according to the author, you really can’t call it “surviving” without tasty beer.

Well, I’m about zombied-out for the time being. Hope you all enjoyed these zombie-tastic items and relish in the thought that the vampire reign is over! Zombies for life!

One comment on “The Walking Dead: Zombie-Mania Is Upon Us

  1. Jacob B
    March 31, 2013

    Gawd, that teddy’s gonna give me nightmares… Perfect for Halloween, though I wonder how my girlfriend will react when she sees this sitting on her bed.


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