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3/14 is Pi Day!


Nerds rejoice! 3/14 is Pi Day, an annual celebration commemorating the mathematical constant π (pi). Don’t care too much for math? You can still worship this day if you love pie (the kind that you eat), because one of the best ways to celebrate this holiday is to enjoy your favorite pie and anything else that’s round for that matter. Eat pancakes for breakfast, pizza for dinner, and pie for dessert!

Did you know? March 14 is also Albert Einstein’s birthday. He was born in 1879 and lived in Princeton, New Jersey for over twenty years. For that reason, the town of Princeton hosts numerous events to celebrate both Pi Day and Einstein’s birthday. It hosts pie eating and recitation contests, along with an annual Einstein look-alike contest!

Albert Einstein's Birthday and Pi Day

Make sure you join in on the celebrations this year. Make a pie and practice some real world math skills when you measure the ingredients and count how many slices you’ll devour! Take a look at some creative Pi Day concoctions, from fancy pies to pi-shaped pizza and more!

pi-pie-2012-submission1 20110314-140590-pipie



Pi-Shaped Pizza

Conquer a pi-shaped pizza!

Pi Cake

Huh? It’s a cake. But it’s pi. But it’s a cake. But it’s pi!

Now that you have some food ideas, make your Pi Day celebrations possible with some cool tools and accessories:

Pi Plate/Pie Pan

Pi Plate/Pie Pan

Pi Bowl

Pi Bowl

Pi Symbol Ice Cube Tray

Pi Symbol Ice Cube Tray

Pizza Pi Cutter

Pizza Pi Cutter

Since March 14th is a Thursday this year, plan a Pi Day party at work! Have your coworkers all sign up to bring their favorite pies and enjoy heaven by the slice.

Pie Party

If you’re allowed to, rock some Pi Day T-shirts like these:

And maybe you can enjoy this cute playlist featuring the first 9 digits of pi:

1. Honey Pie, by The Beatles
2. We THREE, by Frank Sinatra
3. Number ONE, by Goldfrapp
4. FOUR Strong Winds, by Marianne Faithfull
5. Just ONE of Those Things, by Bryan Ferry
6. FIVE Minutes More, by Frank Sinatra
7. Beethoven’s NINTH (Ode to Joy), by Jingle Cats
8. Takes TWO to Tango, by Annette Funicello
9. SIX to Go, by The Pogues
10. FIVE, by Joan Jett
Or, you can sing along to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” with some Pi Day modifications…pi-day

Amidst all your fun, hopefully on Pi Day you won’t have to deal with any coworkers like Dwight Shrute from The Office!

Don’t mind Dwight. Happy Pi Day!

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