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Double Duty: 7 Multi-Functional Items

Multi-tasking: when are you not doing it? You eat while working, you text while driving (though we don’t recommend that!), you even read while pooping (literally double dooty). With the ever-increasing pace of today’s world, we demand the same adaptabilities from our belongings: phones connect to work documents, cars provide directions, coffee mugs hold writing instruments. Everything needs to do more than its original function, and even when it doesn’t, there’s always some unadvertised purpose it could still fulfill. Whether it’s a dual purpose item or just has the potential to be something more, it’s not a bad thing to demand more of our products and goods, and this post is dedicated to those goods and more! (Because if it was just to those goods and not more, we wouldn’t be multi-tasking, now would we?)

1. Scissortape


When you use scissors, it’s inevitable you’re going to need tape, too. Someone finally connected those dots and earned money from it, too, with Scissortape. It’s just what you think, in one handy office gadget.

2. Face Mugs & Fondue Mugs

Face Mug

Fondue Mug

So you’ve got a coffee mug filled with feathery or glittery pens. You’re also a novice multi-tasker, we see. Observe a Face Mug and see what coffee mugs can really be capable of! Fill the head with the hot beverage of your choice, and stuff the snacks of your choice into the “mouth” below. Fondue Mugs also feature a pocket below the cup, intended for a tea light to heat your dipping sauce or beverage above. Or hey, multi-task with the multi-tasking mug and use the Fondue Mug for snacks like the Face Mug! Take that, coffee-mug-with-pens-in-it!

3. Credit Card Survival Tool KitCredit Card Survival Kit

Credit Card survival kit Diagram

Looking for a more literal use of the term “multi-functional”? This Credit Card Survival Tool Kit is basically a flat, stainless steel army knife– minus the toothpick. Hey, you never know when you might need a direction ancilliary indication… The best part: most retailers carry the wallet multi-tool anywhere from two to five dollars!

4. Cactus Letter Holder

cactus letter holder green

Sure, a Cactus Letter Holder organzies mail with ease and a funky feel. But with such a simple U-shaped design, it really can multi-function without much effort. Try it as a funky napkin holder, a notepad organizer, or a desktop cable organizer.

5. DrinKlip Uni

DrinKlip dci

Yes, even beverage holders should do more than just hold drinks while you do whatever it is that you do. The DrinKlip Uni is designed to keep drinks at bay to free up desk space. But the holder is the ideal shape for holding many other things: paper clips, small crafting supplies, thumb tacks, and even crumbs! (Because you weren’t supposed to be eating at your desk, anyways!)

6. Beer Pouch Hoodie

Beer Pouch Hoodie

And YES, even clothing should do more than just protect us from getting slapped with indecent exposure fines! And so we have the Beer Pouch Hoodie. Sure, you might argue that clothing already does more with the inclusion of pockets and hoods. But you might also argue that we come to expect those things now, so more multi-tasking is what we need! And when there’s beer, we are not far behind.

7. Hot Pot Barbecue

Hot Pot BBQ

And yes, not even potted plants are susceptible from the need to multi-task! But the Hot Pot Barbecue is something we truly admire. So clever, the top portion holds real plants when not in use. But when you’re ready to grill, pull it off to reveal a cooking area just large enough for two!

So what is this post doing that’s multi-functional? Well, it’s, uh, entertaining you and I’m getting paid for it! Or you might say it’s both a little frivolous and sort of educational… sort of. Or you could say it’s a good distraction from what you should be doing while also being time well spent. Or you could say it introduces new items for your “want” list while satisfying your need to window-shop. Or…

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  1. Pamela Geoffrey
    April 6, 2013

    Thanks for your marvelous posting!


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