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Products to Watch: Techie Edition

Kitty Perry, anyone?

Kitty Perry, anyone?

Sometimes, we wonder the limits of human intelligence when we have the “invention” of products like the cat wig and the anti-eating face mask. Other times, what some people can design and create with existing materials just captures our imagination, curiosity, or amazement like we were all kids again. Luckily for all of us, there’s several new gadgets that we can be proud of and that have created massive buzz throughout the techie world, so much that we just couldn’t ignore them any longer. Behold! The gadgets of the future, today!

1. Omega Titanium Wallet

Titanium Wallet

Omega Titanium Wallet

Titanium Wallet's profile

Omega Titanium Wallet’s profile

Omega Titanium Wallet NotesManufactured with machines but assembled by hand, the Omega Titanium Wallet features a highly resilient titanium construction with expandable EPDM o-rings that allow various capacities of credit cards, cards, money, and business cards and even has a bottle opener built in!  While it doesn’t appear to be a traditional wallet, the beauty and functionality lies in its simplicity: two titanium panels held together with bands form a super-compact wallet. Small belongings are pushed between the titanium plates and the strength of the o-rings keep them safely within. To retrieve, just push the edges of the contents from a small cutout on the side of the wallet and out pops your items. Cool factor: the cutout is also the bottle opener! The Omega Titanium Wallet is available in a number of etched designs and anodizing options as well as custom engraving. Cool factor #2: the wallet design also adds RFID protection, which means that there’s no worries about privacy violations when you’re not using your credit cards. Check out Kickstarter or the designer’s website, Fireti, for more info, and watch the video below for a quick demonstration!

2. Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble Smart Watch

Pebble Smartwatch

A watch is such a mundane item, it would be difficult for one to impress us (unless it also made tacos or something). But this Pebble Smartwatch does so much more than feed your face– it feeds your need to multitask! Of course, the smartwatch provides time-telling in a variety of watch faces, from a digital readout to filled-in dots on a display. But its mulitude of features and capabilities make it your new work and leisure companion!

Pebble Functions

Pebble is customizable with apps and connects to your device (Apple or Android) with Bluetooth capability. It allows you to receive e-mail alerts, control a remote music player, see caller ID, keep track of distance traveled, receive social media alerts and texts– did we mention it’s also about as light as a pebble? With a water-, scratch-, and shatter-resistant display, the Pebble Smartwatch is designed for day-to-day wear and includes a USB cable for charging (on which it can operate for 7+ days!). Watch the demo below and make some space on your want list!

3. CST-01, The World’s Thinnest Watch



While we’re speaking of watches, the CST-01, also known as the World’s Thinnest Watch, is about as minimal as it gets! Reminiscent of those slaps bracelets from our youth, this über-thin watch uses an über-thin slice of stainless steel with an e-ink display for crisp, clean timekeeping. The CST-01 measures only 0.8mm thick and weighs a little less than five pennies… Wow. In keeping with its theme, the cuff watch has no knobs of any sort, but an included base (which also charges the watch) allows for setting or changing time or setting military time. Cool factor: the CST-01 needs only ten minutes of charge for a month of operaton! While it might not do as much as the Pebble, we love its supersleek design and a techie look that makes us feel like we’re actually living in the future that “Back to the Future II” dreamed we would be in by now.

The CST-01 and its charging base

The CST-01 and its charging base

Watch this demo!

4. PaperTab



Living up to its name

Living up to its name

If you haven’t notice the ongoing theme, thin gadgets with high function are becoming the next techie trend, and nothing epitomizes this more than the PaperTab. Tablets are marketed in varying sizes, but the PaperTab is about the size of a sheet of paper, and not much thicker to boot. Driven by an Intel Core i5 processor, the e-paper tablet features a touchscreen high resolution display with a level of flexibility unheard of for tablets, laptops, and other devices. This allows its design to partake in its functions: for example, fold the upper right corner, and you can turn the page of a book or fast-forward through a video. And unlike other tablets, the PaperTab can interact with other PaperTabs to provide a desktop-like level of organization. Sharing a document requires nothing more than touching one paper tablet to another; creating a longer display of a picture only needs touching edges of two paper tablets (or more for a larger display). Just incredible, check out the demo below and be as amazed as we are!

So what might the future hold for us? More products like the ones here, or more junk like the diaper-inspired flatulence deodorizer? Yes, that really exists. Let’s all hope for the former, because we can’t wait to see what innovators, designers, and inventors will come up with next.

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4 comments on “Products to Watch: Techie Edition

  1. Sharon
    March 12, 2013

    ooo so much cool stuff. (note to self: buy assortment of cat wigs). Wow, that deodorizer patent just blew my mind. And I thought this was wacky:


    • Super Sasha
      March 13, 2013

      That thing exists?? Too many jokes to say. Doesn’t this blanket mean every move is a Dutch oven waiting to happen?


  2. RivalKudos
    March 31, 2013

    I was one of the earlybird crowdfunder for Pebblewatch when they started out in Kickstarter. It’s amazing to see how all these ideas can be incorporated seamlessly into that tiny, pebble-sized watch, and they definitely deserve to be featured!


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