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Ch-ch-ch-Changes: The Beginning of Daylight Saving Time

Yes, it's that time again.

Yes, it’s that time again.

Time: our own worst enemy that we still glorify like a god, omnipresent yet immaterial, the controller of all that we do and that we only come close to controlling ourselves with a watch. Which brings us to our topic: on March 10th, we all lose an hour of sleep. Why? Daylight saving time is upon us once more, robbing us of precious mimis but providing us with more playtime in the daytime. Perhaps a good tradeoff, especially when you come to know the chaotic nature time once had here in the U.S. in the first half of the 20th century.

First DST

First! (1918)

Daylight saving time (DST) was not widely enforced as it is today; actually, DST had a rather unpopular introduction and was removed, but then reinstated and then removed again, and then sort of reinstated but not really. During World War I, DST was initiated in 1918 along with time zones and a summer that began at the end of March (huh?), but DST was quickly revoked as a national standard. President Roosevelt instituted DST again in 1942, and it was removed again in 1945. States and counties were allowed to observe the time change should they wish and whenever they wished; can you imagine entering a new county and being late for everything? Stupid DST. It wasn’t until 1967 that we had a formal DST established nationwide, interestingly enough enforced by the Department of Transporation. (And that is your history lesson for the day. You’re welcome.)

And curse as we might at failing to grasp a hold of it, time will never be something we can fully control. But, hey, we can fool ourselves, so today, we pay a bit of homage to awesome clocks that do more than just remind us of where we need to be!

1. Tocky Alarm Clock


You know how alarm clocks work: you set it, it goes off, you curse and throw something, you’re late as usual. The Tocky Alarm Clock is out to change that: the mp3 alarm clock rolls around as it goes off! It might fall, but it’s built for it, just so you can get up and catch it. The alarm clock loads up mp3s easily with an included USB cable or you can record messages. Think about it: the Beastie Boys yelling “Listen all y’all, it’s Sab-o-taaage!” from a dancing ball, all for you.

2. Banclock Alarm Clock


NO, Banclock is not a city in Thailand, you grade school failure. It’s a cube alarm clock that will not shut up unless you deposit money– kinda like your debtors. The Japanese clock stores loose change and displays the date, time, and alarm time in an LED face. Don’t be a square, though: the Banclock is being discontinued, so grab one while you can!

3. Day Clock


Are you one of those people who never knows what day it is? This Day Clock is your savior! A clock with the day on it is like a weekly calender that runs on a AA battery. If you still require an hourly reminder as well, you need a lot of managing, but there’s also an optional Day Clock with the time on the clock face as well.

4. Manifold Clock


YES, this is a clock, it’s called a Manifold Clock, and yes, it is beautiful. I don’t even know how this thing works, but time has never been such a sight in itself.

5. 24h Sentence Maker Clock

24h Sentence Maker24h Sentence Maker

Create your own clock face with a 24h Sentence Maker Clock, an aluminum clock with a blank surface for you to fill in with words instead of numbers. Be a little introspective, like the example above. Or be cruel, because we all know saying “it’s 6am” is much better when aptly rephrased, “it’s the devil”.

Time is an interesting concept, always hovering over us like a rain cloud yet impervious to pleas we call out from beneath warm sheets or in blood-boiling traffic. But once you know how to make your way around it, you’ll find yourself running out of it. Just remember to change your greedy Banclock or resourceful Day Clock forward one hour this Sunday, March 10th, for daylight saving time to make the most of what you’ve got!


Yea, yea.

Sources: Daylight saving time in the United States

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One comment on “Ch-ch-ch-Changes: The Beginning of Daylight Saving Time

  1. Sharon
    March 8, 2013

    WOWZA~ I just fell in love with that 24h Sentence Maker Clock. If I were smarter (or at least knew how to make a clock), it’d be on! Alessi is a super cool company. Thanks for the info!


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