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Decluttering Your Life: Organizers for Home, Work, School, and Play

Our mission to live more organized and stress-free lives continues as we look into different products and ideas for getting rid of clutter.


Blomus Stainless Steel Magazine Rack Caddy – Conveniently designed to hold all your magazines and newspapers neatly in one place. Comes with a center divider for organization and handle for portability.Blomus SEAMO Magazine Rack

J-Me Horizontal Shoe Rack – Stainless steel rack that holds up to four pairs of shoes. Don’t trip; place this rack by the door or in your closet to keep your shoes tidy and easy to find. J-Me Horizontal Shoe Rack

Over-the-Door Vanity Station – This one’s for the ladies. An antiquated iron vanity with 3 rows of shelves, hooks for hanging bags and jackets, and adjustable arms for door placement. If you live with a guy, I guess this would be good for him too, since he won’t have to fight your nail polishes for counter space anymore.Over-the-Door Vanity Station


J-Me Casa Organizer – Available in black or cool gray, this sleek and stylish arranger is made of non-slip rubber and fits perfectly on your desk. Never lose your keys, business phone, personal accessories, or office supplies again. J-Me casa organizer

Gama-Go Junk in your Trunk Cup – This matte white ceramic container provides chic storage for your clutter, which may include loose change, pens and pencils, safety pins, paperclips, you get the idea.

Junk in you Trunk Ceramic Container gama-go

Giant Paper Clip Desk Organizer – Paper clips have commonly been used to attach papers together, but this jumbo-size clip actually keeps them apart, separating notes and business cards, photos and receipts.

Giant Paper Clip Desk Organizer


Bed Risers and Storage Pod – Gives you an extra 6 inches of storage space under your dorm bed, and also helps keep your cell phone, course readers, notebooks, iPods, and other items where you can easily access them. Bed Risers and Storage Pod

Grid-it Organizer Gadget Holder – Versatile organization system that features elastic bands to keep your belongings firmly in place. Tuck the organizer inside a handbag, backpack, briefcase, or tote bag, and never worry about digging through a heap of stuff in your bags again. Grid-it Organizer Gadget Holder

Hand-e-Sack – Storage pocket that’s available in a magnetic or adhesive form to easily attach to most surfaces. Perfect for school, whether you’re in the classroom or in the dorm room. Hand-e-Sack Organizer


Game Central Video Game Organizer – Keep all your gaming gear in one fun place with shelves to hold game cases and DVDs, hooks to hold four game controllers and two guitar controllers, additional space for multiple consoles, and more.
game central video game organizer

Multimedia Keyboard & Organizer – This bluetooth keyboard has built in storage compartments to eliminate clutter when you’re going on a stealth mission, fighting zombies, doing tricks as a pro-skater, or exploring Pandaria.   Multimedia Keyboard & Organizer

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