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Get Inspired! Neat Ideas to Revamp Your Home

I’d love a backyard like this!

I was flipping through an Ikea catalog the other day and haven’t been able to get my dream house off my mind since. This prompted me to look into some decorating websites online, and I saw so many fun and interesting concepts I’d want for my future (and current) house. A private gazebo surrounded by gorgeous lush plants in my backyard, a beautiful wood panel deck overlooking the city, a fun slide next to my staircase…Suffice to say, a lot of the ideas might’ve been too far-reaching, even for a big dreamer like me!

Then again, why not make some dreams a reality? Now I’m not talking full-on-bulldozing-your-house-down-to-put-up-a-mansion nonsense, I’m talking about small stuff. Picture simple D.I.Y. projects that subtly add to the space you already have, like giving yourself more kitchen functionality with just a few additions, for example.

Here are doable home improvement ideas I really like. See for yourself, and check out the sites I’ve listed at the bottom of the page for some dream home eye candy.


Cabinet rollouts

Cabinet Rollouts

Problem: Wasted space deep inside cabinets, and inaccessible pots and pans.

Solution: Cabinet rollouts that allow you to access anything in your cabinets. No more “out of sight, out of mind” business!

Cabinet rods

Cabinet Rods

Problem: Unruly, messy storage of trays and pans.

Solution: Curtain tension rods to divide and organize pans, dishes, trays, etc.


Underbed drawers

Cabinet Platform for Bed

Problem: Limited space in the bedroom for tables or storage.

Solution: Kitchen cabinet components put together to be a platform for a bed.

Closet office nook

Problem: Dresser space but no office space.

Solution: Install a desk and some wall shelves in a closet you can spare for a cozy work space.

Cozy bunks

cozy bunks small spaces

Problem: Too many kids, too few rooms.

Solution: Construct a set of cozy bunk beds to maximize your use of space, perfect for hosting slumber parties.


Cabinet organizers

Bathroom Cabinet Organizers

Problem: Too much clutter on the bathroom counter or in the medicine cabinet.

Solution: Use kitchen organizers under your sink for an easy access storage system.

Floating shelves

Floating Shelves

Problem: Extra space needed for storing bathroom items.

Solution: Install floating shelves on your bathroom walls for an attractive display of everyday necessities or decorations.


Ladder rack

Ladder Rack

Problem: No place to hang dry your clothes.

Solution: Paint an old ladder and hang it up in your laundry room or above your washer and dryer for a neat place to hang dry long items.

Hanging basket

Hanging Basket

This works for stuffed animals and towels too!

Problem: A chaotic, messy closet.

Solution: Dangle a tiered basket filled with your belts, scarves, and clutches, or your baseball caps and ties.

For the dreamers, the rich folks, and the masochists (basically, anyone who can’t afford these but want to put themselves through envy pain) out there, see gorgeous home ideas at:,, and

Let us know what your dream home looks like. What inspires you?

4 comments on “Get Inspired! Neat Ideas to Revamp Your Home

  1. Dave Lucas (@davelucas)
    February 26, 2013

    Ikea – once I get started I can’t stop. The innovative products seem endless and I always buy a couple of extra things i didn’t know I needed before I entered the store! The closet-desk model is one I used for many years! The wall shelving at my apartment in Mahopac is all-Ikea and you wouldn’t believe how mcuh stuff it holds!


    • latelyleslie
      February 26, 2013

      Same here! Every time I visit IKEA I walk out with new home and kitchen gadgets I don’t even need. Definitely won’t be walking out with those exotic horse and “beef” meatballs any time soon though.


  2. Sharon
    March 8, 2013

    OMG! I can’t believe I could’ve put my boyfriend and his computer in the closet this whole time! GENIUS!


  3. Some really great posts on this internet site , appreciate it for contribution.


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