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A Good Year for Holistic Health

Remember your resolutions from last month? Hopefully you’re sticking to them or adjusting them as you go along your path toward better living. Maybe it’s a good time to think about how you can improve yourself in terms of looking at your health holistically. So what is holistic health? Simply put, it’s a concept that one’s health is directly connected to his/her psychological, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. In order to be in good shape, you must take care of each of these aspects and keep all of these components of your life balanced.

Alternative and complementary medicine is used in the holistic health approach, including natural diet and herbal remedies, spiritual counseling, meditation, acupuncture, nutritional supplements, and crystals, among other things. But for those of us who are just looking to be more well-rounded, we can try some more accessible things to help ourselves stay physically and emotionally balanced. Such things might include:

  • Yoga – Try signing up for yoga classes with a friend, or start a yoga routine at home. For beginners, look for how-to videos with tips and lessons or check out fitness sites online, like or fitnessmagazine.comYoga
  • Food for health and vitality – Start introducing healthier cooking into your diet. Here’s a great list of healthy cooking recipes you can try that happen to be vegetarian.  The dishes range from corn bisque to pad thai! healthy Vegetable Pad Thai
  • Regular exercise – Any physical activity that gets your heart rate up 30 minutes a day should be sufficient for those starting a beginner’s workout plan. This includes stretching, taking walks after meals, dancing, walking your dog, you name it. Here are 20 exercise tips from Harvard School of Public Health. Walking your dog
  • Meditation – It’s a good habit to take breaks every now and then to get a sense of calm, peace, and balance. There are many types of meditation, and you can read up on the different types of meditation you can try or find best suitable. You can also check out 20 Practical Tips for Quieting the Mind, which talks about meditation for beginners. work office Meditating
  • Taking care of yourself – This is something most people overlook, while they’re busy being busy, but making sure you have time to relax is very important. A good massage can be priceless, so why not invest in a Carepuetic 3D Vitality Kneading Neck Massager for fast stress relief anywhere? This device helps release pain, fatigue, and tension on your neck and shoulder area. You can also treat yourself to a PEDI Spa, which is a system that provides a professional pedicure in the comfort of your own home. If you’ve ever gotten a pedicure before, you know how relaxing it can be. Lastly, you might consider acupuncture as another form of therapy. If it intimidates you, test out the waters first with an Aculife Magnetic Wave Acupuncture Therapist Massager. The Aculife comes with all the items you need plus an instructional video to teach you how to help yourself feel better. It’s the best-selling medical device in Taiwan and Hong Kong, so it seems worth a shot.
 Vitality Kneading Neck Massager

Vitality Kneading Neck Massager

At Home Pedicure Spa

Pedicures for your health? Sign me up!

Aculife Magnetic Wave Acupuncture Therapist Massager

Aculife Magnetic Wave Acupuncture Therapist Massager

2 comments on “A Good Year for Holistic Health

  1. Sharon
    February 26, 2013

    Beautiful and thorough life pyramid at the top of your article. I think I always get stopped on that first tier just because of exercise. Too bad it’s not like chutes and ladders where I can just climb up to the top :-p


    • stantalum
      February 26, 2013

      I can relate. It’s always good to keep trying though. Good luck!


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