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Celebrate Singles Awareness Day!

being single

Nothing highlights the lack of a significant other like Valentine’s Day (and maybe a grandkid-hungry parent), and there’s no day to throw it back in ol’ cupid’s face than on February 15, officially known as Singles Awareness Day! Unlike some assumptions, single people do not mope about kicking rocks on February 14. Instead, they’ve watched as couples travel those unpredictable roads from deep love to heartbreak– and heck, maybe they’ve been there, too!– and this holiday is dedicated to the individual and all the glory and freedom that being single brings. And it’s no secret that married couples have a staggering 50% divorce rate, and that’s even if a couple reaches that point of commitment. With attitudes toward single persons shifting from pity to acceptance and even advocacy, the time has well arrived to celebrate the independence, free time, and overall happiness that being a bachelor or bachelorette accentuates.


There are more ways to commemorate the party of one than there are for the party of two, so we will start simple with a girl’s night in of– what else– chick flicks! For the dreamers, we recommend The Notebook or Titanic with a good helping of ice cream; or try some fancier desserts for a change, like creamy Nutella popsicles and scrumptious Nutella cupcakes from our previously featured “Things We Love: Nutella”. Retro junkies should consider Say Anything or Pretty In Pink, and those shameless man-eaters might enjoy some First Wives Club or Thelma & Louise. And hey, make a drinking game out of it: when someone cries, the first person to sniffle or tear up takes a shot, or when the protagonist is smiling or laughing, everyone takes a shot. Make some easy and tasty cocktails for all your friends like the ones in our previous post on 6 delicious cocktails to set a loving mood. Ask all your guests to bring food and make a potluck out of it (then you don’t need to cook or order anything). Check out Shecky’s Girls Night Out for more movie suggestions!

Thelma Louise Ending Best Ever movie

Boldest ending ever!

And don’t think we forgot about the guys here! Many dudes say their friends disappear when they’re in a relationship, so let’s work on rebuilding that friendship with food and an all-nighter filled with video games! Order all guys to bring a bottle or a six pack and prepare for some Halo 4 action, maybe some GTA: Vice City, and a little bit Bioshock 2 to get you pumped for the third installment, Bioshock Infinite, to be released in March. Or blow the dust off your 8-bit or 16-bit systems for some team-building Contra or the original Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Pair up the pixelated party with helpings of chicken wings (like those from a previous blog on Super Bowl goodies), bacon-covered anything, or big-flavored mayhem from a guy named Guy— Guy Fieri, that is!

Shoot 'em up new school...

Shoot ’em up new school…

or old school!!

or old school!!

Looking for something more to do? Singles Awareness Day can be more productive and substantial than the immediate gratification of junk food with girlfriends or all-night zombie killing with the guys. and (surprisingly) have compiled a list of quite admirable aspirations. With no significant other to occupy your time and money, consider doing all those things you probably couldn’t do in a relationship. Like buying yourself something expensive just for the heck of it. Like to travel? Now’s the time: traveling solo can be extremely liberating and quite the learning experience– or, for those who would just be freaked out, grab another single friend and make some memories sans boyfriend/ girlfriend! Groupon and TravelZoo always have quick deals for exotic getaways or urban destinations, so it’s worth checking out. Or try regrouping: use your time for self-reflection, volunteering, or focusing on your career. Make the most of your time and youth by working on those bucket list items: run with the bulls in Spain, buy a drink for every soul in the bar, or start a collection of things you always thought were cool but never made the time to learn more about. Check out Life’d’s guide to over 200 different bucket list activities!

bull run

Oh, you stood home and watched TV with the spouse? That’s cool… What did I do? WELL…

We’re nowhere near giving you a comprehensive list for singles, but you see where we’re going with this, yes?

All jokes aside, Singles Awareness Day really is about recognizing the shift in social dynamics, that one (male or female) need not be married or be in a relationship to be worthwhile, successful, or even happy. And in the end, that’s what everyone wants and deserves. So curse not your fellow single friend for making fun of your Maury-worthy relationship or your plus-one pal for always trying to set you up with another keeper. Instead, applaud the other for doing things his/her own way, even if it’s not yours, and for all you singles, we wish you a grand Singles Awareness Day!

Shoot Cupid

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2 comments on “Celebrate Singles Awareness Day!

  1. davelucasreports
    February 17, 2013

    All too often, singles are left out- cast aside… Some folks are verrrrry comfy doing things and living life solo, while others are not. You’ve written a very good guide for the unattached – there’s really no reason any single guy or gal out there should be bored – this is the proof!


    • Sharon
      February 26, 2013

      agree with Dave!


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