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Five Romantic Uses for Fairy Berries

So magical, so wondrous, and, as you will soon see, so romantic: Fairy Berries and their delightful twinkling create perhaps the perfect atmosphere for snuggling, smooching, and smiling. If this is the first you’re hearing about them, Fairy Berries are small, spherical glowing lights (about 3/4″ in diameter) with a battery life of 20 hours. While unimpressive at first, turn them on for a soft, captivating glimmer similar to fireflies. Also designed with recessed hooks and a submersible shell, Fairy Berries have a versatility that really stimulates your creative juices and a charm that keeps your attention. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourselves!

Charismatic, beautiful, multi-functional… Fairy Berries make us feel all gushy inside while callling to us to share that enthusiasm with five different ways that maximize the silhouette of soft, glowing lights.

1. Berries in Bloom

Berries Bouquet

Much like a Christmas tree is to Christmas, flowers are an anticipated accompaniment to Valentine’s Day. And though most women won’t deny the pleasure of the enticing aroma of fresh roses, Fairy Berries can create a visual spectacle of a bouquet as well with a soft pulsating luminescence. Use thin wire with the recessed hooks for placement within the bouquet and let it really take on a new life!

Fairy berries in boquet

2. Floating Fairies


Imagine the soft twinkling of Fairy Berries in these floating tealight lanterns.

Nothing is more intoxicating and refreshing than a night swim, and adding Fairy Berries to float along the surface with you and your significant other only intensifies those feelings. You could toss the twinkling lights into the water as is, or you might place them in floating tealight lanterns like the ones above. Fairy Berries will illuminate the small crests and ripples of the water for a very enchanted night swim.

3. Fairy-Dusted Bedroom

Fairy Berries string lights

Romance is inevitable when you use Fairy Berries as ambient lighting in a bedroom. Tie string or fishing line around the recessed hook and attach it to a garland like in the picture above; vary the lengths for added visual interest and depth. For a spa-like feel, try dropping Fairy Berries in glasses or vases of water and let them create a more relaxing atmosphere.

fairy berries Centerpiece

4. A Berry Magical Garden

fairy berries path

Ah, the allure of fireflies in a sweet-smelling, night-blooming garden can easily be recreated with Fairy Berries on strings. Use string with the built-in hooks and hang all around a garden for an awe-inspiring atmosphere. If you want to create more depth, try using Fairy Berries in cutout lanterns or colored mason jars like the ones below and hang or place around your lush landscape.

Cutout Lanterns

Intricate designs will really lend themselves to a captivating show of shadows.

Colored or not, mason jars with Fairy Berries will mimic the look of captured fireflies.

Colored or not, mason jars with Fairy Berries will mimic the look of captured fireflies.

5. Berried Path

If your loved one enjoys surprises, use Fairy Berries as part of a pathway leading to something greater. Try using them with rose petals towards a romantic bath for two. Fairy Berries can also make an intriguing entrance to a candlelit dinner, party of two. Or just place them in white paper bags or paper lanterns along a nature-infused path for a little ethereal glow that complements the contours and smells of a nighttime nature walk.

Paper Lanterns

If you’ve got another romantic idea using Fairy Berries, we love to be impressed, so tell us about it!

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3 comments on “Five Romantic Uses for Fairy Berries

  1. Naveen
    February 11, 2013

    I would just string clear lights on anything that stood still—a lot more cost effective but still gives off the ambiance you are looking for.


  2. Dave Lucas (@davelucas)
    February 11, 2013

    I suppose one could also add fairy berries to one of those vases with the clear gel marbles that vendors at fairs sell Bamboo plants in… another way to jazz up a romantic evening or light up the coffee table as a conversation piece. You could also dazzle youngsters – tell the kiddies they are “magick” and let them have some fun!


  3. Marianna_85
    February 17, 2013

    Not only have I never heard of these beautiful fairy berries, but this list shows some wonderful and whimsical ideas for their use. I would be particularly interested in the floating tea lights in the pool, and I would rendition the “fairy-dusted bedroom” into a fairy-dusted wedding! I like the idea of incorporating it into an event like that…very ethereal and romantic in quality. ❤


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