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14 Valentine Gifts for Sweethearts and Lovers

Gift guides for all! You never know what you might chance upon for you or your loved ones, so here’s a list of some Valentine-themed products to check out for lovers of all shapes and forms.

For the Food Lover and Chef:

Bamboo Heart Shaped Spoon

Engraved with “Made with Love,” to show everyone just how much you infuse all of your culinary masterpieces with care and passion. This heart-shaped wooden spoon is made of bamboo to last as long as your love.

I’m in Spatu-Love Spatula

Heart shaped spatula

Here’s a sweet spatula with a stainless steel handle, personal engraving, and a heart-shaped silicone lifting surface that’s a match made in heaven for flipping flapjacks, frying an egg, or moving freshly baked cookies off a baking sheet. Just the right thing for whipping up the best treats, with love.

Core Bamboo Heart Cutting Board

Core Bamboo Heart Cutting Board

Not just any ordinary cutting board, this one’s got the look of love! This durable cutting board is fantastic for food prep. Its cute heart shape also makes it the perfect serving platter for romantic meals or family gatherings.

DCI Heart Measuring Spoons

DCI Heart Measuring Spoons

These adorable heart-shaped measuring spoons make baking even sweeter than it usually is. Who knew that was possible!

The Ex – Knife Holder & Knife Set

The Ex Knife Holder & Knife Set Red

A tongue-in-cheek plastic knife block/holder with five knives for the cook (hey, we said “food lover,” not necessarily people lover).

For the Jewelry Lover:

Love Bunnies Ring Holder

Love Bunnies Ring Holder

“The only thing these bunnies love more than each other is holding your rings!” Aw, how sweet!

Solar Powered Rainbow Maker – Heart

Kikkerland Heart Solar Powered Rainbow Maker

A great gift for anyone who likes jewels and crystals. This rainbow maker uses solar power to slowly rotate a genuine Swarovski crystal to create a dotted display of rainbows across the room.

Sterling Silver Love Hearts

Suck UK Sterling Silver Love Hearts

Add a perfect replica of the classic Valentine candy to your significant other’s silver collection. Say “I Love You” with a sterling silver heart that’s sweeter than candy!

For the Drink Lover:

Heart Shaped Wine Stopper

Heart Shaped Wine Stopper

Special details make all the difference. Made of alloy metal and aluminum with chrome plating, this wine stopper does its job with extra flair.

DCI Heart Bottle Opener

Heart Shaped Bottle Opener

Instead of carrying your heart on your sleeve, carry it on your keychain. This heart bottle opener is made of stainless steel and it’s perfect for any drink, any time.

Tea to My Heart Tea Infuser

DCI Tea to My Heart Tea Infuser

The key to a tea lover’s heart is the Tea to My Heart Tea Infuser, made with silicone material that’s gentle on your mugs. The arrow makes for a convenient handle, and the hear container allows just the right amount of tea to get soaked.

Kikkerland Pixel Heart Morphing Mug

Kikkerland Pixel Heart Morphing Mug

Add your favorite hot beverage to see the red pixel heart appear on this porcelain mug. When the mug cools down, the image disappears. Like love, it works in mysterious ways!

For the Stuffed Animal Lover:

Domo Plush Nerd with Heart Glasses

Domo Plush Nerd with Heart Glasses

Whether you know him or not, Domo’s here to squeeze and cuddle. Who could say no to this cutie-pie!

I Got the Beat Humongous Heart Plush

I Got the Beat Humongous Heart Plush

Super-soft, super huggable, this is a giant plushy heart that you just have to have in your arms.

Hope you all find that perfect Valentine gift. Happy Valentine’s Day!

4 comments on “14 Valentine Gifts for Sweethearts and Lovers

  1. *tina
    February 7, 2013

    aww loved the kitchen items in here!


  2. ed pierce
    February 8, 2013

    I bought the knife holder a couple of years back and I still get comments about it when people stop over. It looks really dramatic on the counter-top.


  3. Asitha Kokila
    February 11, 2013

    The most valued richness on earth is love. Valentine’s Day brings to you the chance to express our innate feelings in a heartwarming manner


  4. Klarissa
    February 18, 2013

    While I’m not usually into the whole “Valentine’s” thing, I really liked the domo plushie because I’m a HUGE fan of that. In addition, the pixel heart coffee mug is pretty cute too. I’m a nerdy gal, so I dig it. That bunnies ring holder is pretty appealing too, if you like that color.


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