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Things You Never Knew Existed: The Sequel

It’s baaaack: the second highly-anticipated, gasp-inducing installment of Things You Never Knew Existed! Sequels can be a double-edged sword: they can captivate and excite  like Aliens, or they can be utterly pointless like Police Academy 2. At the very least, though, sequels prove one thing: when something is good, you want more of it. That’s why you lick your fingers after devouring chicken wings or sigh after hugging a puppy. And because people just can’t seem to get enough of weird, frivolous stuff, we have today’s post: Things You Never Knew Existed!

Science fiction and bugs might seem to go hand-in-hand if it were 1954, but many years later, we can still get that futuristic feeling that makes us shudder with curiosity in a Space Age Ant Farm.

Space Age Ant Farm

Space Age Ant Farm

Space Age Ant Farm

Fascinating or just plain creepy?

Did you know that we blasted ants into space in 2003? (Government funding at its finest? You decide.) Except that the arthropods went without their usual sandbox habitats, and this Space Age Ant Farm does a fine job of recreating that space experiment. A space age gel congeals in an otherwise normal aquarium and provides both a living space and (get this) a source of nutrition for the entire ant colony! Meanwhile, azure LED lights highlight all the details and caverns the colony creates. Bet ya didn’t know that existed!

While we’re on a luminescent kick, here’s another item that’s sure to surprise you without making your skin crawl: a Glow Brick. At first glace, the small conversation piece seems to interest only for an instant, the familiar ghostly green color of its light bulb hinting at the possibility of glowing in the dark, while the clean edges and perfect transparency of the acrylic brick are something in themselves to admire.

Glow Brick

Glow Brick

But come nightfall, the brick shows you just how it earned its name and takes on a new function as a funky solar powered lamp or night light!

Green Glow Brick

THAT’S why it’s called a Glow Brick!

Illuminating and oddly hypnotic, the Glow Brick  exudes a hazy but bold ray while being modestly modern. And at 4 1/4″ tall, it’s an understatement that can still pack an impression.

Were you hoping to see something a little weirder on this segment’s post? You got it: a Magical Unicorn Mask. Read that again slowly because there’s no fluff in that name. The weird animal mask is a first cousin of the Creepy Horse Head Mask, and together they have gained a cult following with random sightings in newscasts, Google street views, and even sports competitions. And why not? Who doesn’t love a latex mask with a veiny face, fur, and a big horn coming out of its skull?

Even Magical Unicorns have to go to work.

Even Magical Unicorns have to go to work.

Magical Unicorn Masks

There’s no happier family that a Magical-Unicorn-Mask-wearing one.

Must we say more? Until next time, this has been another interesting sliver in the series, Things You Never Knew Existed!

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2 comments on “Things You Never Knew Existed: The Sequel

  1. mayt
    February 7, 2013

    good read man


  2. aubree
    February 9, 2013

    That is one creepy unicorn!!


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