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Funky Flowers and Creepy Carnivores for Your Home

When you think of an indoor garden, a cute wooden window box filled with flowerless succulents, bug-eating pitcher plants, and big purple lilies that smell like rotting flesh probably aren’t what you had in mind. Yes, winter might prevent you from successfully planting a thriving, blooming, fragrant garden– besides, that’s more of a spring thing– so we figure, hey, an indoor garden might be an opportunity to bring on the weird and the unusual. We’ve gathered some of the stranger yet easy-to-grow indoor plants to put the “chill” in chilly weather!

A top view of a Carnivorous Creations dome

A top view of a Carnivorous Creations dome

Carnivorous Plants

The quintessential of all weird plants, carnivorous plants like Venus flytraps and pitcher plants capture our attention and curiosity like little children, and with movie exploits like “The Little Shop of Horrors”, we are just that much more tempted to stick our fingers in there and see what happens. A Carnivorous Creations kit provides everything to get your miniature meat-munching mayhem started: the dome, plant mixture, some stickers and rocks for the container, and TEN different types of carnivorous plant seeds, including the aforementioned Venus flytrap, various pitcher plants, cobra lilies, and sundew plants. Not sure what any of the latter ones are? Check out National Geographic’s photo gallery on carnivorous plants in action and see what green carnage looks like .

carnivorous plants


aloe vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

If sadistic plants aren’t really your thing, try a friendlier Aloe Vera plant. Even if you’re great at killing house plants, Aloe Vera will love you: as a succulent, it requires little watering and some sun (not direct sun). Its long spindly leaves grow upwards and out, and it can usually resist most pests and bugs. The mucus-like gel in its leaves can be found in certain juices, teas, and lotions and is known for its medicinal properties– which you will find particularly useful after burns in the kitchen or even sunburns!

aloe vera liquid

Anything this gross has to be good for you.

The face on the package says it all.

The face on the package says it all.

Ghost Chili

Vegetable gardens are always fun and rewarding to grow, and the ghost chili might be among the hardest to eat after harvesting. In 2007, Guinness World Records officiated it the world’s hottest chili with a Scoville rating of over 1,000,000 heat units! Consider that Tabasco sauce has a rating between 3500-8000, and habanero chiles as being between 350,000–580,000… Yea, THAT hot. This ghost chili kit comes with the telltale pot you see above, along with soil and seeds. We recommend eating your harvest with an ice chest full of milk, and be sure to clear your schedule.

Voodoo Lily

Voodoo Lily

Voodoo Lily

Nicknamed the corpse flower, the Voodoo Lily is a fuchsia lily with a stench described best as “dead mice in a plastic bags for a couple of days”. Despite this intimidating illustration, it only stinks for a few hours when in bloom (like that alleviates your skepticism for growing it) and is surprisingly easy to grow: keep soil dry in the winter, moist in the spring. Check out more Voodoo lily care tips, and should you decide to try it out, please let us know how it turns out!


Translation: This would make a superb house plant!

Translation: This would make a superb house plant!

Ain’t no weather gonna rain on our weird parade! Even if you decide to stick with herb gardens or vegetable growing, we root for you and your green thumb in spite of gray weather! Hooray for funky flowers and creepy carnivorous plants!

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3 comments on “Funky Flowers and Creepy Carnivores for Your Home

  1. kerah13
    January 18, 2013

    The Carniverous Creations kit is awesome! I don’t know if I could handle the voodoo lily in my home for any amount of time, but the carniverous plants are awesome. They’re great to keep in areas that bugs are attracted to (near the entrance, areas of the home that aren’t properly sealed against the outside, etc.). I like the idea of trying to grow ghost chili or another unique vegetable/herb.


  2. Lena Hoey
    January 20, 2013

    The carnivorous plant sounds like a fun crop to grow. Just ordered a kit. I could definitely get some help destroying those persistent bugs in my house that have been giving me a headache.


  3. Gul
    January 21, 2013

    Though I have not nough space for a big garden at my home but I usually manage to grow some beautiful as well as useful plants like Aloe Vera in small places.
    The idea of Ghost Chilli also amazed me.


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