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Things We Love: DryGuy Shoe and Boot Warmers

Skiing, snowboarding, sledding: the only thing missing from this list is something to dry off all your gear from that cold wet snow. Whether you read our recent list of fun winter activities and are soon venturing outdoors for some winter fun, or are ready to brace the elements in different adrenaline-laced sports, winter has arrived and it’s time to keep toasty and dry.  And because dry healthy feet are happy feet, and happy feet keep us moving, we’re all for DryGuy and the many chances they give us to keep playing long and hard in the snow. DryGuy uses patented air circulation technology to keep winter accessories–surprise!– dry and–double surprise!– less smelly by eliminating the types of environments that fungi and bacteria love. They also manufacture insulation and different types of grips for shoes and boots for outdoor activities.

DryGuy GripOns

If snowy mountain caps beckon you to hike but maybe you’re not ready for new foot gear, try an easy gripping solution with DryGuy GripOns. When the tread is worn on shoes or boots, just slip over this elastic shoe cover and the thoughtfully placed steel shoe grips will provide more traction and resistance against slips and falls. Because they easily stretch to fit, they work with more than one pair of shoes, or you can order them in sizes M, L, or XL to spend more time playing in the snow and less time changing shoes.

DryGuy Transporter Portable Boot Dryer

DryGuy Transporter Portable Boot Dryer

If you’re planning an awesome snowboarding or skiing trip, we hate you, but we also suggest you grab a DryGuy Transporter Portable Boot Dryer. Shoes, boots, gloves, or mittens that get a lot of use during winter sports or activities will be unusable if not just straight out uncomfortable when not completely dry before the next use. This portable shoe dryer has so many things going for it, so we’ll try to focus on what we admire most. For one, the portability lies in its small size and dual switch A/C adapter for international trips. Its arms use a forced air design to quickly dry footwear and gloves while simultaneously warming them. You can even dry wet boots while also drying gloves: the arms move vertically to extend for multi-drying and horizontally for easy storage. Give it sixty minutes and you’re out the door with fresh, comfortable footwear, gloves, and mittens.

DryGuy TurboDry

DryGuy TurboDry

What if you just couldn’t wait for the trip, and now you’re having to haul damp snow boots with you, hoping they will dry in time? Don’t hope, just get a DryGuy TurboDry. This electric shoe dryer works similarly to the Transporter above, but it wouldn’t be called TurboDry if it didn’t have a patented air ventilation design that really accelerates the drying process. And like the Transporter, the TurboDry is also a portable device but with the addition of a power plug for your car and a smaller, rounded design that fits snugly in footwear to bring fresh warm air to even the smallest of crevices. Now you can hit the trails or slopes whenever you want and dry them using power from your car battery while you drive home. Ingenious!

Portability, high quality air ventilation, ease of use, and no wrinkly, stinky feet: these are why we love DryGuy products!

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3 comments on “Things We Love: DryGuy Shoe and Boot Warmers

  1. kerah13
    January 18, 2013

    Totally wantt the DryGuy portable. 😀 Nothing’s worse than wet gym shoes/mittens/gloves after a sudden sleet storm!


  2. G Sherrer
    January 20, 2013

    I usually try to switch into an alternate pair of boots if my current pair has not dry up for the next trip. Quite an avid hiker here, and many a time the soles easily get drenched particularly in the rainy seasons, forcing me to either buy a new pair or just cancel the whole trip. Having a turbodryer that works from the inside will let me hike for all I want in the rain.


  3. Nuwan
    February 11, 2013

    I usually work in outdoor. Also i play in the snow too. I have faced the daunting prospect of sticking warm feet into footwear that are still wet from the last use. So thanks mate.


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