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How to Freshen Up Your Living Space

Sometimes, the easiest way to refresh your outlook is to change what you look at. I’m talking about your home, the place where you spend the most time, where your haven is, where you go to retreat from the day and the world. If you’re not inspired or even fulfilled when you’re at home, chances are it’s time for some change. What I’m not talking about is major weekend renovation: home demolition is not required for some of the helpful hints we’ve gathered below. You just need a little creative effort and a desire to seek a fresh attitude and more smiling at home!

Coordinating Color and Character

Take a look at the wall just beyond your computer or phone screen: what color is it? What type of room are you in? Does it make you feel good? Paint color is the easiest method to project or enhance the mood for any particular room. Before looking at the endless palettes of paint swatches, though, first consider what you do most in that room. Take your living room, for example: do you like to relax in there? Do you entertain a lot? Is your living room also your work space? The energy level of the activity in that room will dictate what color shade you choose. Consider the following pictures of wall colors and how it affects the space:

Red_Room_by_ameiseRed and Orange are intense colors, and both are associated with enthusiasm and energy. It works in some spaces like living rooms or dining rooms, or even rooms where you exercise.



Take a look at this blue hue, cool and warm at the same time. Certain shades of Blue, Purple, and Green will to do that to you. Rich, saturated colors may look sort of regal, and pale shades can be calming.

Indiana Claya




Wary about trying on some new wall paint, are we? Try an accent color on one large item in the room, like this armoire, in a living space. The orange shade is enough to capture attention but isn’t overwhelming, and the white walls don’t compete with what people should notice upon entry– a good tip if you’re wanting to highlight a particular piece of furniture.

Rule of thumb here: light colors make a room seem large and airy, and dark colors make large rooms feel more intimate.

Separate Spaces

If you’re like me, your dining table is your mini-office is your dog-grooming area is your place to call friends. I admit, I like to multi-function, but that would be a big no-no for those looking to relax at home. See, when you mix the functions of your living space, your mind can’t focus on what the room’s purpose is. Maybe an example will help: working on your laptop in bed. Convenient? Sure. Hindering? You bet. Working where you sleep actually confuses your brain: you associate that space with work, and when it comes time for mimis, your cognitive functioning can’t slow down easily. Your new motto: One place, one space. Maybe I should take my own advice here…

Upcycling: Out with the New and In with the Old

Upcycling is not only good for the environment, but by repurposing old items, it’s also easy on the wallet! Upcycled items lean towards the more creative and can be rather appealing and visually interesting. Check out some of these upcycled mason jars for some inspiration:

Terrarium Layers

Solar Powered Mason Jar Luminaries

Solar Powered Mason Jar Luminaries

Mason Jar Vases

Mason Jar Vases

Mason Jar Photos

Mason Jar Photos

Just about any old item you have or find can be given new life with a little imagination and some spray paint, like these upcycled items here:

Goodwill Black Frames

Goodwill Black Frames

Funky Green Clock

Try your hand at some thrift-store excavating by finding your nearest shops with the Thrift Shopper, and then… well, go nuts! Freshen up your living space with a little color and ingenuity!

Sources: This Old House,, Dreams Under Foot

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5 comments on “How to Freshen Up Your Living Space

  1. latelyleslie
    January 4, 2013

    Who ever knew mason jars could have so many useful purposes!


  2. Michelle
    January 13, 2013

    I never realized how much color affects the feel of a room. Darker colors sometimes makes the room feel smaller as well. Found that out the hard way


  3. Taranu Cosmin Andrei
    January 15, 2013

    This article is indeed very helpful but I am thinking of a small problem. What if someone’s place is too small for those changes? wouldn’t that place seem even smaller than before if these changes would occur?


  4. Sharon
    March 22, 2013

    i know someone who bought 8 cases of Mason Jars for her wedding reception. Super cheap at Costco and very charming!


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