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A New Year’s Toast to Champagne Cocktails!

The midnight toast: the quintessential New Year’s Eve gesture, the one that marks the beginning of a fresh year with new experiences and unforseen milestones, all starting with the clinking of champagne glasses (and a little kiss wouldn’t hurt, either).  Although spiced ale was the drink of choice for New Year’s toasts back in the 19th century, champagne has grown to be our go-to drink with its bubbly, light, and elegant taste complimented by a thin glass flute. But even that is changing with the seemingly endless combinations of champagne and fruit, herbs, juices, garnishes, and/or other alcohol. Let us toast and sing in chorus with joy and a fantastic flute of ze bubbly nouveau, the champagne cocktail!

Classic Champagne Cocktail

If you’ve always dreamt of attending a high class New Year’s Eve ball with a jazz band and retro glamour feel, a Classic Champagne Cocktail gives you a small taste of what celebrating New Yorkers held in the 1930s. That’s because this cocktail drink originates from the Metropolitan Hotel’s version of serving champagne. One cube of sugar dipped in aromatic bitters and dropped in your champagne flute is all it takes– that, and a desire for class!

Menning Mimosa

If you’re looking for an easy cocktail recipe, a Mimosa is the way to go. Simply combine orange juice with champagne– nothing more. But it’s New Year’s Eve; you can get a Mimosa at any brunch buffet any weekend of the year! Try something special, like a Menning Mimosa. A slightly different take on the traditional champagne cocktail, the Menning Mimosa includes fresh squeezed orange juice as well as lemon juice, Prosecco (aka Italian white wine), and Grand Marnier topped with a mint leaf. Ahh, that’s a refreshing glass of champagne!

Kir Royale

Kir Royale

Maybe you and your friends aren’t champagne people; you prefer the fruitiness of mixed drinks, the sweet with a slight kick of alcoholic burn. The Kir Royale meets those sugary needs without losing the delicate taste of champagne. Red currant liqueur and a tart raspberry complement the bubbly drink for a tantalizing berry fizz your mouth will love!

Champagne Punch

Champagne Punch is also a recommended alcoholic beverage for you cocktail drinkers out there! Fresh fruit like pear and blueberries brush shoulders with simple syrup and, yes, champagne, and a bubbly, graciously sweet libation is born. Pucker up!

Black Velvet

Not much of a wine or champagne drinker, are you? Try a hearty Black Velvet: Guinness and champagne marry for a surprisingly heavenly match. The Black Velvet was actually concocted as an expression of mourning when Prince Albert died in 1861. Though it has a somber appearance and a depressing origin, it has become more celebratory over the past century, so don’t worry about weird vibes or being a party-killer!

What kind of champagne will you be holding at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve?

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5 comments on “A New Year’s Toast to Champagne Cocktails!

  1. latelyleslie
    January 4, 2013

    I must try a Black Velvet! Awesome find.


  2. Taranu Cosmin Andrei
    January 15, 2013

    All these champagnes look very tasty. I think all of these are a wise choice for beginning a new year, I mean, we all want to start the new year perfectly, don’t we ;)?


  3. ed pierce
    February 9, 2013

    We served the Kir Royale at our New Year’s Eve party and it was a definite hit. Not sure many other times that you can get away with serving that except the holidays.


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