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Staying Safe for New Year’s Eve

It’s no secret that New Year’s Eve is an excuse to party and have the craziest drunken fiasco you can. Whether it’s heading to a buddy’s party, out to a bar, or bumping shoulders with strangers in a city bash, good times are ready to be had– but only if you can remember them. We’re talking about safety on New Year’s Eve. And we know you’ve heard it all before. But when the liquor and laughs are flowing, it can be easy to throw some caution to the wind instead of throwing your keys to someone else. So we’ve compiled some handy tips for a safe New Year’s Eve– you can thank us later by continuing to read our blogs!

A story about stumbling into a glass door is much funnier than one about crashing into a house.

A story about stumbling into a glass door is much funnier than one about crashing into a house.

Having a Plan and Sticking to It

It’s always exciting to take a spontaneous trip, but when there’s a high chance that others are thinking the same thing and an even higher chance some of them have been drinking, those fleeting moments of adrenaline can end up… well, see the picture above. Try some of these safety tips to ensure the good times stay good:

  • Decide where you’re headed before you get behind the wheel. Discussion with friends over a destination can distract you from focusing on everything and everyone else around you.
  • Get directions before you get behind the wheel. This should be a no-brainer, but this is exactly why you have those drivers who cut across three lanes of traffic for an exit.
  • Have a designated driver before you get behind the wheel. Simple as that.
  • Are you seeing a pattern here? Basically, do as much planning as possible before you start driving; once you’re on the road, chances are you’ll be more concerned with what the night holds ahead rather than what might be physically ahead of you.

The Lowdown on Hookups

drunk goggles, n. 1. An enemy of rational thinking. 2. Why bad hookups happen.

They call it liquid courage, but sometimes alcohol is more like the molotov cocktail just waiting to decimate your self-esteem and reputation. Here’s some tips on helping you to avoid being that person who regrets a hookup (or worse, ends up a victim) the next morning:

  • Watch your alcohol intake: if you regulate how much you take in, you’ll have an easier time spotting predators or plain jerks.
  • Keep your drink in your hand. If you put it down, just get a new one. You might end up catching something, like a roofie.
  • They don’t call it safety in numbers for no reason: being with friends or people you trust will give you a safety cushion. Plus, they might be able to see something you don’t. And most of all…
  • Pay attention to your intuitions. If you don’t feel safe, leave. Your comfort and safety is worth the trouble.

No Designated Driver? No Problem

Well, it is a problem if you hadn’t planned it ahead of time like we suggested above (ahem), but should the designated driver become the inebriated fool, there’s still options for you. AAA offers Tipsy Tow services in most states and will tow your car home for free up to seven miles, even if you’re not a member; call 1-800-400-4222 for service or search for Tipsy Tow on for more info. Some cities are also offering extended public transportation hours through New Years morning. Or heck, take a taxi. Or, if you want to end the year with some fancy flair, hire a chauffeur and a town car or limo. Hey, it’s New Year’s– why not!

So go out or stay home, have a memorable and safe New Year’s celebration, and come back and visit us!

For more info and tips, visit the Army’s website, Treatment Solutions, and Fire Department Network News.

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