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Tis’ the (Drinking) Season: Some Holiday Cocktails to Warm Ya

Tis’ the season to get sloshed, have nosh, and get sloshed again! Holiday drinks and cocktails are here at last! Now that you’ve had your share of abundantly unhealthy holiday food, why not throw more caution to the wind and indulge your whistle with winter spirits! And sure, you can have mixed drinks any time of the year. But when is more appropriate than now to have a Candy Cane Cocktail? Or an Eggnog Martini? So grab a mistletoe and your favorite drink from below because the two of you will be lockin’ lips til the Christmas lights get pulled (or maybe ’til the cops show up)!

So how shall you begin your silent night? How about with one of those Candy Cane Cocktails we just mentioned? Some strawberry vodka, a little bit of crème de menthe and some cranberry juice, and of course a candy cane to top it off! Even if you’re not big on the holiday treat, they look downright festive to serve to your guests!

Then you can dive right into another Christmas staple: eggnog! I personally love the calorie-encased, basically-sludge “drink”, and other fanatics may also enjoy this Eggnog Martini. The best thing about this particular recipe? You make eggnog from scratch! AND it’s not that difficult! AND it contains brandy, which will make you look regal and charming. Just don’t have too many or you’ll dispel that pretty quickly.

No party is complete without the quintessential Party Punch. This holiday version features pear and orange juice, orange slices (no punch is visually complete without them), and, of course, rum! For the designated drivers, you can serve a bowl without the rum and still retain its classic taste.

And yes, we acknowledge that there are those who are conscientious about looking like Santa rather than waiting for him. No problem, your holiday drink fantasies are being answered as well! If you enjoy mojitos, you’ll fancy this Cranberry Mojito, which features real cranberries to make a cranberry syrup, perfect for getting that authentic tarty taste distinct to the berries.

Besides eggnog, my holiday dreams are filled with sweet vanilla things, so this Cranberry Vanilla Skinny Cocktail might just satisfy the craving.
Why is it “skinny”, you ask? No sugar! None! Besides real cranberries as well, vanilla vodka and oranges provide the sweetness that delights your palette and your figure as well.

And finally, if you’re the one who prefers your eggnog non-life-threatening (which I rename “not fun”), you can always make low fat eggnog yourself. Like the Eggnog Martini above, this recipe is also a breeze to concoct and contains just a tiny bit of rum to get your juices going, not your blood sugar.

Whichever way you take it– cranberry, eggnog, punch, or candy cane– it’s time to get festive and have some fun! Joy to the world, the holiday drinks have come! (Is that considered blasphemy?)

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3 comments on “Tis’ the (Drinking) Season: Some Holiday Cocktails to Warm Ya

  1. Siobhan
    December 21, 2012

    Oh wow, that candy cane cocktail looks amazing! I normally stick to a snowball as my Christmas tipple, but I am so tempted to branch out right now.


    • Super Sasha
      December 22, 2012

      My job is done here!… Just kidding, I have more work still. But do tell us how it turns out!


    • Polo
      February 7, 2013

      I got an iPod Touch for Christmas and some iTunes gift cards. Guess what my first ap was? You better beleive it was Ratio! I am loving it. Thank you SO much for putting that out there!On eggnog, when my son has early work days I’ll often serve him some eggnog. Of course, I leave out the liquor, and make it with full cream and maple syrup instead of sugar. I also add a teaspoon of whey (real stuff from separated milk, not the protein powder) and leave it at room temperature to ferment for a day or so. This process encourages some good bacteria growth and tempers the sweetness of the nog. It’s jarred up and ready in the fridge whenever he gets the urge!


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